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Our Next Quiz Night

Our next quiz night is on Wednesday 13th July at 7.30pm.

The Quiz Jackpot for the random draw is a massive £30; which anyone participating has a chance of winning. For more information, please scroll down the page and see the relevant section. It's all a bit of fun at the end of the day.

Quiz nights occur every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. Tables can be pre-booked via the Bar Staff using the email address Quiz questions can be heard throughout the pub as required, including both The Coach House and The Courtyard. Heaters are available for the colder evenings.

Kick-off is always at 7.30pm.

Our regular Quiz Master is Martin Payne who regularly sets five rounds of questions which vary each time to keep it interesting. When Martin is not available, Micky (our General Manager) takes on the mantle.

Teams of up to six are allowed.

The entry fee for the quiz is £2. This will be used in three different ways:

  • Firstly, towards a £25 drinks voucher for the winning team (as well as the obvious bragging rights and the glory!).
  • Secondly, to contribute to the building renovation funds which are badly needed to keep the project going.
  • Lastly towards a jackpot that anyone participating can win - adds to the excitement!

The decision of the Quiz Master is final (even when he is wrong).

The Quiz Jackpot

Some of you may recall that we did something similar when we first started the quiz. The largest jackpot won at that time was £90!. In summary:

  • Each quizzer will receive a raffle ticket.
  • At the end of each quiz – before the winners are announced a winning raffle ticket will be drawn.
  • The person holding that ticket will get the chance to choose one of five envelopes which will contain a 'prize'.
  • The envelopes will have four prizes will include items such as a packet of crisps, a glass of wine, a pint of beer or similar BUT one envelope will hold 'The Jackpot'.
  • The jackpot will start at £10. If that envelope is not chosen, the jackpot will roll over and rise by £10 each quiz until it is won….

Christopher Eadle was our first winner on 25th May. He won £30. Subsequent winners have had the likes of a packet of crisps. What is not to love?

Christopher Eadle, winner of the Jackpot of 25th May 2022


Throughout the recent history of The Swan, quiz nights have always been popular. So in September 2019 the quiz was re-launched and was extremely popular. So much so, we decided to make it a regular event. The rogues gallery directly below records the winners history for posterity and for bragging rights too. There can be no argument on who has won when, and how many times. No stories, no fairy tales, no disputes. There are also some photos of the face-to-face quizzes that can be found on a separate webpage.

This would have been a nice and simple page if it was not for that little bug Covid. The Quiz has jumped from face-to-face, to online, to a mixture of both BUT still we play on. In the diary below, we have tried to section it off into the various covid periods to help understanding. Fingers crossed, we achieved that.

Normality (19/Jul/21 - now)

From what was called 'Freedom Day', we were allowed to operate normally.

Tier 2 (12/Apr/21 - 18/Jul/21)

With the easing of Lockdown 3.0, we had to wait until we were allowed back indoors to arrange the Quiz. To be honest, the weather was rather cold and wet during April and early May and made running events pretty unfeasible. Also some officials were interpreting the rules that we could not run events. So, the Quiz returned on May 26th to a busy pub with most of the tables pre-booked. We also introduced our new Quizmaster, Martin Payne.

Lockdown 3.0 (19/Dec/20 - 11/Apr/21)

Within 72 hours we went from Tier 2 to Tier 4 - stay at home. The pub shut again at COP Friday 18th and we went back online. Although frustrating as hell, we appreciate that we need to support the NHS and keyworkers.

Online Quiz #17 - 7th April 2021

With grateful thanks to the Scott & Bailey quiz masters the final on-line quiz saw a competitive evening with Easter Eggs to play for. Congratulations to our 7th April and last online winners:

  • Team - Muddy Boots;
  • Household - SMike;
  • Individual - Anne Tebbatt.

Online Quiz #16 - 24th March 2021

Huge thanks to question master Martin Payne for setting the questions. We offer congratulations to all who took part and in particular the worthy winners:

  • Team - Spring Swans;
  • Household - Oh Dear (aka The Baileys);
  • Individual - Ann Payne.

Join us again on 7 Apr when questions will be set by the Bailey and Scott families. Sorry no pictures this week.

Online Quiz #15 - 10th March 2021

Thanks to Rachel of The Friends and also the Windsor Homeless Project for setting a quiz that didn't mention Harry &Meghan once. Well done to the 10th March winners:

  • Individual - Johnny No Mates
  • Household - Oh Dear
  • Team - The WilliWests

Online Quiz #14 - 24th February 2021

Many thanks to quizmasters RubyQ (Fiona, Andrew & Caitlin) for a challenging evening. Congratulations to our worthy winners:

  • Household - Anne Mograby & Mick Hill
  • Team - Spring Swans & Muddy Boots

Sorry no screenshots this week.

Online Quiz #13 - 10th February 2021

Thanks to Paul Drake (of The Drake's) for setting another challenging and unique quiz this week. Well done to the 10th February winners:

  • Individual - Anne Tebbatt & Ann Payne
  • Household - Sid and Sheila Allen
  • Team - The Snowy Swans

Online Quiz #12 - 27th January 2021

Thanks to Colin Armfield and Sue Rigby (of Hettie's Heroes) for setting a challenging and quite different quiz this week. Congratulations to our winners on the 27th January who were:

  • Individual - Anne Tebbatt
  • Household - The Cliffords
  • Team - The Snowy Swans and Willie Wests

Online Quiz #11 - 13th January 2021

Thanks to Anne Tebbatt for another challenging quiz and congratulations to our worthy winners. Unfortunately no photos from this week - will try harder!

  • Individual - Ann Payne
  • Household - Sheila & Sid Allen
  • Team - Hettie's Heroes

Online Quiz #10 - 30th December 2020

As part of Our Swan Song to 2020, we also had a Quiz. This was well attended and by the time we started, we had also tasted three different Brewery beers. Anne was quizmaster. Our winners were:

  • Best Individual: Richard Douglas
  • Best Household: Smike
  • Best Team: The Snowy Swans

Tier 2 (4/Dec/20 - 18/Dec/20)

So we came out of Lockdown 2.0 and straight into Tier 2 which allowed us to open but having to provide a 'substantial meal' for our customers. No mixed tables inside and the 'rule of 6' outside. So quizzes became a mixture of on-site at The Pub and also online via Zoom. This allowed people who would normally be in a mixed team inside actually to participate.

Online Quiz #9 - 16th December 2020

This was a mixture of online and also actually in The Pub. The Tier 2 restrictions meant it was difficult for regular players to be there physically, so we went for both media. Our winners on the 16th December were:

  1. Hettie's Heroes
  2. The Willie Wests
  3. Santa's Sexy Swans

Lockdown 2.0 (5/Nov/20 - 3/Dec/20)

And here we go again with a four week lockdown. So we restarted the Online Bingo and Quiz again as people seemed to really enjoy it. Usual format, etc. and hopefully only until December third. Fingers crossed.

Online Quiz #8 - 2nd December 2020

Hopefully the last online quiz saw regulars attend to try out their little grey cells. Our winners on the 2nd December were:

  • Best Team: Hettie's Heroes
  • Best Individual: Anne Tebbatt
  • Best Household: Matt & Bev

Online Quiz #7 - 18th November 2020

Another tricky set of questions didn't deter our quizzers on the 18th November. Congratulations to all those who took part and especially our winners:

  • Best Team: Shivering Swans
  • Best Individual: Anne Tebbatt
  • Best Household: Yoghurt Pots

Social Distancing (4/Jul/20 - 04/Nov/20)

We're back!. The quiz is now back at The Swan and is a socially distanced, face-to-face meeting of minds. Tables of six were allowed but social distancing required between tables and whilst wandering around.

Lockdown 1.0 (21/Mar/20 - 03/Jul/20)

During the first Covid-19 lockdown, The Swan ran a series of online events. These are aimed to bring the community together for a little bit of fun. The Quiz is a big part of it. Run online over the Internet.

Online Quiz #6 - 30th June 2020

Our quiz masters for the evening were one of our teams: Hettie's Heroes. They set the questions and also QMed proceedings. Huge thanks!

We had three winners on the 30th June, one for each of the categories:

  • Best Team: Bacon Bappers
  • Best Household: SMike and Lego Warriors
  • Best Individual: Anne Tebbatt

Online Quiz #5 - 16th June 2020

The Datchet Border Morris excluded themselves as they actual provided the guest round. Thanks lads! We had three winners on the 16th June, one for each of the categories:

  • Best Team: Hettie's Heroes
  • Best Household: The Totnes 2
  • Best Individual: Trevor Harvey

Online Quiz #4 - 2nd June 2020

We had three winners on the 2nd June, one for each of the categories:

  • Best Team: Bacon Bappers
  • Best Household: Claire and Tim Allison
  • Best Individual: Anne Tebbat

Online Quiz #3 - 19th May 2020

We had three winners on the 19th May, one for each of the categories:

  • Best Team: Bacon Bappers
  • Best Household: Hodkin
  • Best Individual: tie between Louise Winch & Anne Tebbat

Online Quiz #2 - 5th May 2020

We had three winners on the 5th May, one for each of the newly introduced categories. We believe that this is a fairer way to play the game. They were:

  • Best Team: Datchet Morris Dancers
  • Best Household: The Mad House
  • Best Individual: Anne Tebbat

Online Quiz #1 - 21st April 2020

We had joint winners on the 21st April.

  • The Armitages
  • Bacon Bappers

Pre-Covid (20/Jul/19 - 20/Mar/20)