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Quiz Nights

Our next Quiz Night is on Wednesday 31st July at 7.30pm.

And we have our popular Quiz Night Food Menu available from 6.30pm.

Quiz nights occur every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. Tables can be pre-booked via the Bar Staff using the email address Quiz questions can be heard throughout the pub as required, including both The Coach House and The Courtyard. Heaters are available for the colder evenings. Kick-off is always at 7.30pm.

Our regular Quiz Master is Martin Payne who regularly sets five rounds of questions which vary each time to keep it interesting. When Martin is not available, Micky (our General Manager) takes on the mantle. Teams of up to six are allowed. The entry fee for the quiz is £2. This will be used in three different ways:

  • Firstly, towards a £25 drinks voucher for the winning team (as well as the obvious bragging rights and the glory!).
  • Secondly, to contribute to the building renovation funds which are badly needed to keep the project going.
  • Lastly towards a jackpot that anyone participating can win - adds to the excitement!

The decision of the Quiz Master is final (even when he is wrong).

The Quiz Jackpot

The Quiz Jackpot for the random draw is a massive, life-changing amount of money which anyone participating has a chance of winning. It's all a bit of fun at the end of the day.

Some of you may recall that we did something similar when we first started the quiz. The largest jackpot won at that time was £90!. In summary:

  • Each quizzer will receive a raffle ticket.
  • At the end of each quiz – before the winners are announced a winning raffle ticket will be drawn.
  • The person holding that ticket will get the chance to choose one of five envelopes which will contain a 'prize'.
  • The envelopes will have four prizes will include items such as a packet of crisps, a glass of wine, a pint of beer or similar BUT one envelope will hold 'The Jackpot'.
  • The jackpot will start at £10. If that envelope is not chosen, the jackpot will roll over and rise by £10 each quiz until it is won….

Christopher Eadle was our first winner on 25th May. He won £30. Subsequent winners have had the likes of a packet of crisps. What is not to love? Izzy won a large glass of wine at the end of August and Rachel swapped a glass of wine for coke & chocolate, what's not to love. The prizes keep coming ;)

Christopher Eadle, winner of the Jackpot of 25th May 2022
Izzy winning the lucky dip - a large glass of wine!
Rachel Redvers
Sue Rigby

Food Menu

You asked, we listened! At our Quiz Nights we will have a food menu chosen by you. This is available from 6.30 to 9.30pm before and during the Quiz. There is a range of nibbles and sharing platters for you to choose from. Just ask one of the volunteers for information and to order. This is being offered by volunteers and profits will go to the refurbishment of The Swan. The menu varies slightly each time depending upon the availability of local produce. This is now a regular feature of our quiz nights and is popular with the regular quizzers.

Quiz Night Menu

Quiz Winners Gallery

Throughout the recent history of The Swan, quiz nights have always been popular. So in September 2019 the quiz was re-launched and was extremely popular. So much so, we decided to make it a regular event. The rogues gallery directly below records the winners history for posterity and for bragging rights too. There can be no argument on who has won when, and how many times - no stories, no fairy tales, no disputes. Click on an image and we will show you more photos if we have them.

Quiz Winners of 2024

  • Winners of the quiz - In Last Place

    In Last Place

    17th July, 2024

  • Winners of the quiz, Clewer Clogs

    Clewer Clogs

    26th June, 2024

  • Winners of the quiz, Patrick's Posse

    Patrick's Posse

    12th June, 2024

  • Patrick's Posse

    Patrick's Posse

    22nd May, 2024

  • Stereo Not Working Swans

    Stereo Not Working Swans

    8th May, 2024

  • Patrick's Posse

    Patrick's Posse

    24th Apr, 2024

  • The Desperados

    The Desperados

    10th Apr, 2024

  • Patrick's Posse

    Patrick's Posse

    27th Mar, 2024

  • Patrick's Posse

    Patrick's Posse

    13th Mar, 2024

  • Six Swans a Swimming

    Six Swans a Swimming

    28th Feb, 2024

  • Four Candles

    Four Candles

    14th Feb, 2024

  • The Desparados

    The Desparados

    24th Jan, 2024

  • Al's Pals - no image

    Al's Pals

    10th Jan, 2024

  • Quiz Winners of 2023

    • Swan Patrol

      Four Candles

      27th Dec, 2023

    • Swan Patrol

      The Swans

      13th Dec, 2023

    • The Bar Team

      The Bar Team

      22nd Nov, 2023

    • Swan Patrol

      Swan Patrol

      8th Nov, 2023

    • The Armitage Clan

      The Armitage Clan

      25th Oct, 2023

    • Patrick's Posse

      Patrick's Posse

      11th Oct, 2023

    • Patrick's Posse

      Patrick's Posse

      27th Sep, 2023

    • Patrick's Posse

      Patrick's Posse

      13th Sep, 2023

    • Hettie's Heroes

      Hettie's Heroes

      23rd August, 2023

    • The Wine Swillers

      The Wine Swillers

      9th August, 2023

    • No 5

      No 5

      26th July, 2023

    • Edwards Who?

      Edwards Who?

      12th July, 2023

    • Just the Two of Us

      Just the Two of Us

      28th June, 2023

    • Clewer Cloggs

      Clewer Cloggs

      14th June, 2023

    • West Windsor Wine Swillers

      W. Windsor Wine Swillers

      24th May, 2023

    • Hetties Heroes

      Hetties Heroes

      10th May, 2023

    • The Quinns

      The Quinns

      26th April, 2023

    • JMC


      12th April, 2023

    • 3 Desperadoes

      3 Desperados

      22nd March, 2023

    • Hettie's Heroes

      Hettie's Heroes

      8th March, 2023

    • Just the Two of Us

      Just The Two of Us

      22nd Feb, 2023

    • Three Little Pigs

      Three Little Pigs

      8th Feb, 2023

    • Desperados


      25th Jan, 2023

    • Desperados


      11th Jan, 2023

    Quiz Winners of 2022

    Quiz Winners of 2021

    Earlier Quizzes(20/Jul/19 - 18/Jul/21)

    We have recorded all the quizzes at The Swan since re-opening on the 20th July, 2019. We have a dedicated page covering the period from opening right through to the end of the Covid 'control' period on the 18th July, 2021. A period of drammatic change for not only our wee community, but for the world as a whole. BUT our quizzes carried on right through it all. Go on!, have a wee look.

    Click image to see our Earlier Quizzes