Epic Thursdays

On Thursday 16th May it's our weekly Epic Thursday brunch service from 11am – 2pm - the first after half-term. Fulfilling the role of pub staff, students help Chef Jenni to prepare and cook food; make coffees from behind the bar; and be front of house taking orders and serving customers. It's a great menu and the opportunity to help students develop their skills in the hospitality and catering industries, helping them to get a foot on the ladder to future employment in the process – what's not to love!

Epic Thursday

What Are They?

Created and run by the students of the Green Room's Sixth Form who call The Swan home. The students take control of the pub for a couple of hours every Thursday during term time and run it as a coffee bistro. From this this they learn a lot of different skills that will help in getting jobs in the future. And the community get a reason to get together for a natter!

The local community have really embraced Epic Thursdays both in coming down and with praise on social media. This is what The Swan is about: the pub, the community and the school all working as one. The School have created something unique in the UK and something for us to shout about.

People enjoying pancakes
Other people enjoying food prepared by the students
The first day of opening
A busy courtyard

Epic Thursdays have included:

  • Fabulous coffees and teas
  • Delicious home baking
  • Craftwork
  • Artisanal wood-fire pizzas
  • Toasties and crepies
  • and as the students say, all round epicness!

Hand knitted Swans
Craftwork table
Making pizzas
Making toasties

Social Media

Also part of the project is communication and the use of social media to promote the event. The students have embraced this and shown their skills. Go on, have a wee peek to get a better idea.

Here are some of the posters that the students have created to sell their wares. Colourful, attractive and memorable.

Adrvert for Dreams on Toast
Advert for Pizzeria di Sophia
Epic Thursday advert
Another Epic Thursday advert

The Students

The whole sixth form get involved in Epic Thursdays. From preparation, to cooking, to being front of house, to taking payments the whole team are involved. They must work together to get it all prepared for opening at 11am each Thursday, no mean feat. Teachers and Bar Staff are there to help train and support but usually keep to the background so the students maximise their learning.

Making batter Learning cash skills
A home made pizza Students making pizza
Picture used for Instagram advert Stall inside The Bar
All good to go Selling cakes

We do hope that this is a model copied by others as it is a great way to learn on the job as they say. Epic Thursday are TRULY EPIC here are The Swan. They are designed to give the young adults of GR6 the combined experience of careers and enterprise education. Students develop employability skills in an active working environment while still being supported by Green Room and Bar Staff.