Future Events at The Swan

NOTICE: We have re-opened and are using The Courtyard and it's covered area (which is bookable in advance) for seating. If you intend coming to The Swan, please familiarise yourself with our covid rules. There is no standing or queuing permitted at the pub or at any event. Outdoor and indoor events will recommence when allowed by the government and RBWM. Our online events are suspended for now.

Some of the regulars (and all volunteers)
Weekday Warriors taking the afternoon off
People enjoying themselves in The Courtyard

Based on advice received from RBWM, unfortunately we have cancelled all scheduled events until the Covid restrictions are reduced. We are hoping that we will be able to have events from May 17th but we will seek advice closer to the time.

Past Events

Did you attend of our events? If you have any photos or feedback, we would appreciate if you would share on our social media sites. Thanks in advance. We really want to build a good history of The Swan going forward. Suggestions, photos and stories are most welcome.

You can see what went on The Swan on our Past Events page.