December 2022

Here is a round-up of the events at The Swan during December, 2022.

2nd Dec: The School Takeover

This fantastic takeover event was a bogoff - get one, get a second free. So our School has set-up their annual Winter Fayre AND also were hosting the Windsor Living Advent Calendar for an evening.

The students an staff of our School had a range of stalls in The Courtyard. There were invited guest stalls too. Plus Santa was in his Grotto aided by his elves - did you see them? And there was a traditional competition to win prizes donated by the local community and businesses - a huge thanks for your support of The School.

One of the stalls that the students had created. The mulled wine bar with customers.
Stall holder with family ready for the Fayre. People mulling about the stalls.
Preparing for the play to start. Elf and helper at Santa's Grotto

And there was the traditional School play for the Windsor & Eton Living Advent Calendar. With students and staff participating, the play was a rip-roaring success!

A packed Courtyard ready for the play. Driving in my car ... well almost.
The story teller in front of The Coach House. Audience getting involved in the play. Oh no they're not!!!
Baffy making an annoucement to the packed Courtyard. Not really sure what is happening, are they driving off in their theatrical car?
Players acting in front of The Courtyard. More activity from the players, not sure at which part of the play it was.

And here is the calm before the storm! The students and staff had put in a lot of effort to dress up The Courtyard ready for their Christmas Fayre.

In The Cowshed before the start of the Fayre.
Big CHristmas Market banner was hung from the scaffolding.
The fire pit was lit, and people started to mill about before it got dark.

What a successful evening: a great play, fantastic stalls, and sunply a brilliant time was had by all. Well done to all of the students and staff of our School!. We are all already looking forward to next year.

7th Dec: Quiz Night

Congratulations to Hetties Heroes who won this weeks Quiz hosted by Ian and Anne (get better soon Martin!). Congratulations also to Helen who won the raffle prize, a glass of wine, meaning that the jackpot rolls over to £30.

Hettie's Heroes

9th Dec: Prohibition Night

The scene was set. The bar staff had decorated The Coach House and sealed the doors. The only way in was by a secret code. The lights dimmed. The music set. And of course, there was absolutely no alcohol officer ... none!

Inside The Coach House with red lights on.
Another view of The Coach House all decorated for the evening.
Doors to The Coach House are shut and barricaded with a note to go away, nothing happening here.
Red candle on a table inside The Coach House along with the special drinks and music menues.

The team had gone through their paces. Singing - perfect. Cocktails - perfect. Entertainment - perfect. The secret code ... well, secret of course. The team were ready for the evening. And yes officer, still no alcohol!

HAM the cocktail guru preparing pouring two cocktails at the same time.
Jess, the sassy singer for the evening.
Connor practicing mixing cocktails.
The cocktail maestros exchanging notes.

So the guests arrived. Not sure how they knew the secret code - but they did. Any names? Of course not officer! Bugsy, Ratface, Driller the Killer, et al were there - but real names, sorry no officer. And in any case, they have all gone to the wind - even Bez to Singapore to escape your clutches, officer.

People dancing
Jess singing in a very sultry atmosphere.
Dawn dressed up as a gangster along with a 1920 style machine gun.
General shot of a busy Coach House.
Another shot of a busy, and very red, Coach House.

As for the owner, Micky? Not seen him since that Santa guy turned up officer. Honest! Santa turns up and Micky disappears! What's his surname? No, not Spillane and definitely not Cohen. What does it matter? Santa is the new guy in town.

Micky and Connor
Micky and dawn
Micky and Jess

As for the singer Jess, what a gal officer. She'll be back, am sure. She's got the old razzle dazzle that everyone remembers - everyone. You want that poster up in the bar officer? Sure, that is sure one mean lady! Wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of her officer.

Wanted poster for the lady gangster.

A brilliant night was had by all. Micky is now planning his next themed night. Any suggestions? Please email with any ideas. Thanks in advance.

11th Dec: Christmas Carols

It may have been a little chilly, but that didn't put off the Carol Singers joining the Broom Farm Ensemble around the fire. It was a very special evening for the local community young and old, and we thank the musicians for keeping going through the very low temperatures. Plus a wee surprise, the Posada arrived for the night which we were very pleased to host.

The Broom Farm players
Carol singers watching the players
Trumpets, Cornets, Saxaphone, etc being played.

Wide photo shot showing the whole Courtyard, players and singers too.

16th Dec: Christmas Market

The volunteers had spent all morning clearing out, tidying up and removing snow and ice so the place was looking fit for a Christmas Market. A big shout out to Anne, Richard and Trudy who did most of the work.

The Courtyard all laid out and ready to go.
Welcome to The Swan sign with firepit for keeping warm.
Range of huge baubles at The Main Gate.
The Coach House in the gloom.

The stall holders were all set-up and raring to go for the 4pm kick-off. Unfortunately the cold/flu bug that was going round claimed a couple of them - we hope they get well soon.

Stall holder
Stall holder
Stall holder
Baubles from Miranda
Little Christmas Men.
Spirits and mixers.

The Windsor Jazz Collective provided the music from 6pm. Hats off to them as they played three sets in termperatures of minus three and below. They played some traditional jazz mixed in with some Christmassy numbers. We hope they will be back when it is slightly warmer.

The brass section of the band.
Arty shot with a pint in the foreground and the band in the background.
The five-piece Windsor Jazz Collective.

Thanks to Big Bill who had some A-frames made up for us so that we could sign post the event better. It is these small act of kindness that really help the pub a lot. Thanks Big Man! The volunteers have painted them up with the specialist blackboard paint already to be used.

Two newly made wooden A-frames.
A side shot to sow why they are called A-frames.

Stalls at the market included:

  • Christmas Crafts - Michelle Thomas
  • Cheesemunger - Mike Unger
  • Wool Creations by Beauline
  • The Green Room School
  • Wood Gifts & Tables by Dryad Design
  • Of Books & Hooks - Madelaine Farquharson
  • Mugs & Coasters - Windsor & Ascot Driving for Disabled
  • Home Grown Cocktails - Pip & Hamish
  • Island Honey - Tony Wolstenholme
  • Silver by DaCosta Creations Windsor
  • Friends of The Swan Stall (inc. Pet Beds)
  • Mulled Wine and Christmas Wraps - Kieran and Micky
  • Roasted Chestnuts - Ian of the FOTS

17th Dec: Breakfast with Santa

Santa popped in to have breakfast with local children. Such a real surprise to us all that we hadn't switched on the heating yet - ooops! Kieran was in The Kitchen supported by David, Niai was our barrista behind The Bar, and Rachel the Elf was there to help Santa distribute a wee gift in advance of Christmas Day.

Santa distributing a gift to oen og his very young supporters.
Santa posing with a family - isn't he very photogenic?
The pub was full for the two sittings Santa had
Sanata talking to a family - he likes to talk, and talk, and talk ...
Santa moving between the tables.
A different sitting, and the pub is still full.
Santa working the room to make sure he has seen all the boys and girls.
Santa having a chat.
Family enjoying breakfast
Santa having a chat ... again.
Santa speaking to one of the children who had come to see him.
Sanat having a bit of a break.
Families enjoying breakfast.
Santa pulling a gift out of his green sack.
Guess? Yes, it's Santa having another chat.
One of the families, unfortuantely the wee boy looks a tad cold.
Families enjoying themselves.
A packed pub - you can just see the Christmas tree!

21st Dec: Christmas Quiz

So The Pub was full, so was The Coach House. We has over sixty contestants in fourteen teams. The cold weather didn't deter our quiz gurus from coming. The quiz had three rounds, with prizes for the winners of each rounds.

Rodless and Clueless.

Round 1: Rodless and Clueless

The Rogues.

Round 2: The Rogues

The Wine Swillers.

Round 3: The Wine Swillers

The eventual winners over the three rounds was Mr B's Barmy Army. As you can see, they didn't actually win a round due to losing on tie-breaks but it shows consistent high scoring counts. An excellent all-round performance and winners of a bottle of champagne.

Mr B's Barmy Army

Quizmaster Martin and the volunteers worked really hard to give an excellent night that raised over £300 towards the restoration funds.

Anne and Martin adding up the scores

Some serious score counting going on.

Martin asking the questions in a Christmas atmosphere Andrew won the raffle and received a bottle of champagne.

Andrew won the raffle.

Chocolate bars in a specially designed box.

Prize for the winners of a round.

After the quiz finished, we had the Best Christmas Jumper competition. The judges couldn't decide between three worthy winners so the prize (of beer) was split amongst them. Cheers!

Five contenders for the Christmas Jumper competition.
The three winners, two wearing the same jumper.

28th Dec: Quiz Night

Congratulations to Hetties Heroes, worthy winners of the final quiz of 2022. Congratulations also to Natasha who won a free glass of wine in the prize raffle. This means the first quiz in 2023, on Wed 11 Jan, will have a raffle jackpot available of £40!

Hettie's Heroes
Winner of the draw, Natasha

31st Dec: Hogmanay Party

Oh what a night!; Late December twenty twenty-two; What a special time for me; As I remember, what a night ..... Could be a song! But it really does reflect the fun we had seeing out an eventful 2022 and bringing in the New Year. The pub was really busy full of people from the local community. The bar staff were all dressed up to impress ... or is it kill? Mark & Sherridan were providing the live music. And everybody provided the dancing, the laughing and the singing.

A great night was had by one and all. Some early pictures below. Later on they got a little blurry and we need to protect the guilty! :)

The Bar Staff Team all dressed up to kill.
Live music from Mark & Sherridan.
Lively dancing going on.
Lots of chattinh too.
More dancing going on with Mark in the background.
Table of people enjoying the evening.
Lots of people sitting and standing listening to the music.
Very busy bar listening to the music.
People enjoying the music.
Lots of people dancing.

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