Our Renovation Diary

We are currently adding all the previous updates by social media and email here so that we have a weekly history of the renovation. We are adding more photos and galleries over time. Simply click on the week to get the update; there is a link if there is a gallery of photos for that week.

Diary for 2020

  • Second blind has gone up in the bay windows


    There has been a whole bunch of work over the last three weeks, largely behide the scenes. Last week the blinds were completed. This week the guys have been sorting out the chimneys and doing minor amends to the fire doors.

    See more of the photos and detail in our renovation diary page for 30th October.


  • Hollie white washing


    The Weekday Warriors have continued - largely unseen - repairing the roof, taking down a chimney and various other vital activities to renovate the pub.

    See more of the photos and detail in our renovation diary page for 2nd October.


  • Hollie white washing


    We were glad to welcome some new Weekday Warriors to the fold. They got stuck in around the site painting, scrap[ing, repairing et al. The older guys were doing likewise. A real spurt so we cna potentially get rid of the scaffolding sooner rather than later.

    See more of the photos and detail in our renovation diary page for 18th September.


  • Finishing touches on The coach House


    The building has come to life, most noticably at night when the external lights are on.

    Inside the team have been paiting and building the required furniture to be ready for the opening of The School next Monday. It was all hands to the pumps.

    See more of the photos and detail in our renovation diary page for 4th September.


  • Coach House almost complete


    Upstairs the floor has gone down, both inside and on the landing. Painting has been ploughed ahead to try and meet the deadline of Sept 3rd. Furniture should be arriving shortly.

    The Weekday Warriors turned the side stable door round so that the coffee machine could be re-instated for the weekend.

    See more of the photos and detail in our renovation diary page for 28th August.


  • Working on the window of The Coach House


    The windows are in, the scaffolding down. The Coach House is nearly complete upstairs. Downstairs work progresses and will be finished off in the next week. The Warriors turns the pub stable door round, were painting anything that didn't move, and adding to the bike racks ready for the Sunday launch of the Cycle Pitstop.

    See more of the photos and detail in our renovation diary page for 21st August.


  • Working on the window of The Coach House


    It was a real scorcher with temperatures up into the mid-thirties. Too hot for some of the activities that has been planned. But that did't stop the guys.

    The Jayflex team continued with The Coach House, finishing the plastering, doing the first misting and sorting out the window ledges and the likes. The Weekday Warriors were hard at it too painting guttering and fascias the new chosen colour: black. They also prepared for our first weekend of events.

    See more of the photos and detail in our renovation diary page for 14th August.


  • John working on the chimneys (again)


    The Coach House has been progressing at pace. The fascias and guttering have been added this week and the team have re-pointed the old external walls. They have also been working inside insulating the first floor.

    The Weekday Warriors have continued digging out the old mortar in the pub brickwork, a long task indeed. Also they added some sound proofing to help our neighbours.

    See more of the photos and detail in our renovation diary page for 7th August.


  • insulating the first floor of the coach house

    31ST JULY

    The Jayflex team have now moved on to working on the fascia, soffits and guttering as well as insulating and fire boarding internally within The Coach House.

    The guys have continued work on the soffit and facias of the pub, and on the chimneys getting them ready for re-pointing.

    See more of the photos and detail in our renovation diary page for 31st July.

    31ST JULY

  • Whose legs are they?

    24TH JULY

    With The Coach House the roof was completed and the guys are now ready to complete the internal insulation. The Weekday Warriors carried on with the soffits and barge boards and also took out some time to pull down the stairwell ceiling in the B&B.

    See more of the photos and detail in our renovation diary page for 24th July.

    24TH JULY

  • End of week 4, velux going in

    17TH JULY

    The Coach House is really progressing quickly. Last weekend they put the steel lintel in place and the chippies got stuck in to build the roof frame. This week they have continued work on the now watertight roof to get that complete. The first floor has now been replaced allowing for first fix to start. Boy these guys are quick!

    See more of the photos and detail in our renovation diary page for 17th July.

    17TH JULY

  • End of week 3, roof framework done

    10TH JULY

    It is almost impossible to keep up with the fantastic progress that is being made by the Jayflex team renovating The Coach House. Over the weekend the new roof was put on and we expect the scaffolding in The Courtyard to soon be on its way out.

    See more of the photos and detail in our renovation diary page for 10th July.

    10TH JULY

  • End of week 2, brickwork complete

    3RD JULY

    The Jayflex team have been storming through the brickwork and are now ready to get the final steel in place for the roof. They have also inserted one above The Coach House doors as the lintel was found to be rotten. Huge progress and cudos to the guys.

    See more of the photos and detail in our renovation diary page for 3rd July.

    3RD JULY

  • First full week of Coach House work

    26TH JUNE

    The Coach House has come on leaps and bounds. The steelwork has been inserted above the new concrete pads and the walls are being rebuilt.

    The Weekday Warriors have been back in and have painted the walls of The Stables. Next week they will be tackling a lot more in The Courtyard and with The Pub itself.

    See more of the photos and detail in our renovation diary page for 26th June.

    26TH JUNE

  • First full week of Coach House work

    19TH JUNE

    If you have strolled passed The Swan this week you will have seen that lots of work has been happening with The Coach House. Our local resident Brendan O’Reilly and his team from Jayflex have been in and achieved so much already.

    Have a wee peek and get more of the story on our renovation diary page for 19th June.


  • Covid-19 Shutdown


    On this day, the UK Government decided to act decisively and put in measures for social distancing and a home lockdown. This was an unprecedented action that was required to protect the NHS and keep people safe. The Swan stopped all volunteering efforts in support.

    More and updated info can found on our Covid-19 page.


  • Renovation update for 20th March

    20TH MARCH

    The volunteers have been doing some work this week. It has been a bit restricted in what can be done but we are taking baby steps in keeping the renovation going: adding signage within the bar area, paint stripping in various areas, and up on the roof to fix the temporary tarpaulin.

    It's been more of a week for moving furniture out to allow space for social distancing.

    Plans for having organised weekend volunteering days starting in the Spring have been unfortunately been postponed for now.

    Sorry, no photos for this week.

    20TH MARCH

  • Renovation update for 13th March

    13TH MARCH

    Another week when the weather hindered work outside. However inside, we got new shiny fire extinguishers and the Sewing Bee has been hard at it. Have a look!

    Gallery for the 13th March.

    13TH MARCH

  • Renovation update for 6th March


    We took delivery of the new steels for the kitchen. Thes ewill be installed in the coming days when we have sufficient people about us.

    We hosted a team from O2 who had their team meeting in the School House. They also did some team building by re-painting the inside of the Coach House which will make it more presentable for the Spring and Summer.

    Gallery for the 6th March.


  • In memoriam


    Our very good friend and Weekday Warrior, Adrian Chojnacki, sadly passed away earlier this morning, Thursday 5th March. He will be greatly missed by us all. Our sincere condolences are offered to Dawn and the rest of their family.

    There are some photos of our good friend on our defibrillation dedication page that we have put together.


  • Renovation update for 28th February


    The guys continued digging for victory in the garden next door. They were joined by professionals who worked in the sealed transformer area.

    The guys also were working in the Stock Room putting together the new shelving. This was completed and stock returned back behind the locked door.

    Gallery for the 28th February.


  • Renovation update for 21st February


    The guys were digging for victory in the garden next door. The aim was to remove all the accumulated garden materials that was hard up against the kitchen wall of The Swan.

    And when it was wet, the guys were working inside making further improvements to the stock room. Hopefully this will be completed next week.

    Gallery for the 21st February.


  • Renovation update for 14th February


    Storm Ciara hit us and on the whole things were good. Only the tarpaulin on the Coach House was damaged and needed remedial work. Inside, the sparkies put up some lighting in the stock room and hall. In the stock room, the internal partition was taken down.

    Gallery for the 14th February.


  • Renovation update for 7th February


    Guys have been back on the roof this week. The weather was slightly better so that they could tackle the roofing issue under the blue tarpaulin; also the gable end too.

    And there was the addition of the bike racks to allow cyclists to securely stow there bikes under cover.

    Gallery for the 7th February.


  • Renovation update for 31st January


    This week the guys have all but completed the fireboarding on the ground floor. Still some wee bits to do but it is a big step forward as we can now get the plastering done.

    And on the roof, the chimney was finally capped by a professional team donating their time.

    Gallery for the 31st January.


  • Renovation update for 24th January


    Fireboarding continued in the hall and will continue into the room of doom and store room shortly. The kitchen was cleared in readiness to take the "stuff" from those rooms.

    Some wee things were done which have well received: putting up a coat hook in the ladies and also a couple of rows of them in the main bar. Makes it so much easier. Also the rugs have now been available.

    Out in the Coach House, there was further tidying and dump runs. The football table is now set up and ready for use.

    Painting continued in the office and there was some more wire stripping too.

    Gallery for the 24th January.


  • Renovation update for 17th January


    Things you can see when you come down to the pub.... check out our new fireplace, complete with slate hearth that has been installed over the last week.

    Things you can't see as they are hidden away behind the scenes .... the flooring has been going down in pub's office and it is now ready for use.

    Gallery for the 17th January.


  • Renovation update for 10th January


    The lads got stuck into the School Room to replace the removed chimney breast. A framework had to be built, and then covered with plasterboard. The original cladding was then re-instated. Yes it needs painted, but it is looking good.

    Elsewhere in the pub the office was painted and remedial work done to the toilets. Other remedial work is required over the coming weeks as the pub continues to live and grow.

    Gallery for the 10th January.


  • Renovation update for 3rd January


    Guys were working in the School Room to remove the chimney breast. This required removal of a number of panels and then the careful disassembly. Work will continue at pace to make sure the room is ready for the start of the new school term.

    Coverings for the banquettes arrived from the Sewing Ladies. They look superb!

    Gallery for the 3rd January.


Diary for 2019

We received the keys on 2nd February 2019 and got stuck in fairly shortly afterwards. As well as special volunteering events, the Weekday Warriors along with Professionals have been renovating The Swan. First phase was the pub itself and the School House. These were almost completed in 2019.

Our diary for 2019 documents that. It is very similar to above with each week documented through our building update and also pictures taken by the team. Enjoy!