January 2023

Here is a round-up of the events at The Swan during January, 2023.

9th January - Open Forum #2

The open forum is a concept that is being trialled with the investors first, and may be opened wider in the future. The idea is for the directors to get frank, open and honest feedback and allow them to communicate in an easier and more friendly way than emails, etc. This was the second forum. No pictures unfortunately, just the minutes.

11th January - Quiz Night

The first Pub Quiz of 2023 was bursting at the seams, as Micky took up the reigns as Quizmaster. The Desperados were the worthy winners of the £25 bar tab and Patrick was happy with is packet of Ham and Mustard crisps from the raffle! And you know what that means … the raffle cash jackpot rolls over to a whopping £50 for the next Quiz.

The Desperados

17th January - Cribbage

Cribbage is a traditional pub game in the area and The Swan partakes too. Our gallant cribbers play every second Tuesday. There are varying skill levels and new people are always welcome. Training and coaching is available.

Cribbage players at The Swan

25th January - Quiz Night

Another busy night at the Quiz this week, and the return of Quiz Lord Martin sporting his kilt in honour of Burns' Night. In a run of good luck, Congratulations to The Desperados who, in a run of good luck, picked up the £25 bar tab once again!

The Desperados with Peter Clifford, FOTS
We're only here for the Raffle
The Quiz Master with his kilt.
Martin drinking a well deserved pint after the quiz.

And newcomers “We're only here for the Raffle” actually won the raffle! How's that for a self-fulfilling prophecy? Ollie picked out a spirit and mixer, so the cash jackpot rolls over again to a staggering £60.

27th January - Coffee Morning

We were delighted to host our 2022 charity for the last event. A traditional coffee morning on the last Friday of the month. As usual, the Family Friends team were well supported. Over the year, we together we have raised an amazing £1,453.43.

Today also saw the launch of our selection process 2023 charity process.

30th January - RBWM Consultation

The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead held two consultation meetings at The Swan during January. These were to allow local residents to discuss the proposed Cyclops Roundabout being proposed for the junction of Mill Lane - Parsonage Lane - Maidenhead Road. As it is a busy junction with a number of accidents, including cyclists, the solution isn't easy. On the 30th, things got a little heated between the differing needs of pedestrians, drivers and cyclists.

Consultation about the proposed Cyclops Roundabout near the pub.

This was run inconjunction with an online survey which many took part in (several times we have heard). We await the outcome as this has a significant impact in our local community.

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