Renovation Diary: April 2023

Week 14/23: 7th April

The covered are bar floor has been laid ready for Easter Sunday to welcome James Brown. 12hrs drying time and then we will re-assemble the bar for use; also add back in the external sink too.

Two men working on laying the laminate floor in the covered area.
The new laminated floor all laid in the covered area, waiting for the portable bar and sink to be added.

And the result the next day was ...

New outside bar area under the covered area
Bar shows re-use of the internal stairs.
And with the 'cowshed' branding devised by the school.

Week 16/23: 21st April

The Green Room College were back with a bang of the breaker this week as Steve took to digging a trench ready for the foundations of the brick wall in the cowshed to go in. So far the only treasures found have been some bits of pottery and an oyster shell! The Students also busied themselves with tidying the area and prepping the remaining walls to be painted. The second phase of Project Cowshed is certainly underway with the goal of making it inviting for the Coronation weekend.

Starting the foundation trench for the wall to hide the bins.
All the debris needs to be bagged.
Are we deep enough already? Well it's quite a few centimetres, may need more.
Baffy with a pick axe, not looking so confident, watch that foot!

Week 17/23: 28th April

We had Lee Greenwood in this week joining the GRC practical sessions to teach the students some brick laying skills!

The professionals completed the first course of bricks.
And very quickly got on to the second. Wall is double bricked for stability.
The professionals near to the end looking happy with the work done.
Finishing the tidy up, call is complete and with coping.
Two of the students working on the third course.
Three of the students just completing the third course
The wall was nearly complete with just the final layer to go on.

We're happy to say the waist height wall is now complete and looks beautiful with all the many colours of old red brick used from left overs from the pub. The writing is on the wall, as the pupils left their mark on their workmanship by engraving their name into a brick that they laid.

Some of the staff of the GRC gave it a go too, and young Micky too. See the concentration of their faces as they tackle bricklaying for the first time.

Richard Allen trying to lay some bricks.
The new head of the GRC, Tina, fiving it a go.
One of the well known teachers, Ashley, giving it a go.
Even Micky, our general manager, got in on the act.

Other building activity in the week saw the return of Paul the roofer who has now finished the final repair on the last portion of roof above the backdoor.

Roof at the back door with some slates removed. Flat roof all sealed again and tidied up.
The slated portion of the back roof almost re-done.
Showing where the flat roof needed a little TLC after the last four years under scaffolding.

Next week will be concentrating on clearing out the other side of the cowshed in preparation for the coronation weekend.

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