Renovation Diary: February 2023

Week 5/2023: 3rd February, 2023

Our lovely roofer Paul was back in this week focusing on the area of roof above the ladies' loo and above the front bay window. The new lead-work looks beautiful.

Paul working on the flashing at the front of the building over one of the bay windows.
Flahing work and roof at the ladies toilet repaired.
Flashing over the bay window all renewed.

Meanwhile Warren was back in to remove another layer of scaffold. Strange to start seeing the bare wall - like shaving off a beard!

Warren disassembling scaffolding at 15 feet up.
Side of The Swan with only one level of scaffolding left.

Week 6/2023: 10th February, 2023

It’s been a busy week. On Wednesday our GRC students kicked off the first day of 'Project Cowshed' to improve the covered area in The Courtyard. Following on from the recent Swan Open Forum it was agreed that there should be some focus on the outside covered area to make it a clean, comfortable and inviting space. The students have been given a 'brief' by Micky and will be using their practical skills lessons to paint and improve the area using materials that have come from the pub.

Covered area full of miscellaneous bits and bobs - ne seating possible.
Paritally cleared underneath and traditional pub signs being attached to The Coach House underneath the covered area.
The covered area has been decluttered although The Courtyard is now cluttered ... not finished yet!
Tidying up some of the brickwork.

If there are any bricklayers out there who would be willing to donate their time to show them some skills please get in touch with the school office on 01753 915420.

The covered area partially decluttered.

Week 7/2023: 17th February, 2023

One of our locals to the swan, Bill, has hand crafted a storage unit in stable 2 which will now be able to house all of our items to sell in the shop. This was put together in a staggering 3 hours. Thank you Bill for your wonderful and generous work.

Bill cutting pieces of wood out in The Courtyard.
Base of the new shelving has been installed on the floor.
Partially assembled shelving with Bill checking it out.
Shelves fully installed and ready for potential painting or use straight away.

We have also had “It's a Steel” in to make our metal staircase more visible and sturdy with new treds, a second handrail and each step has a new individual piece of steel welding them in place for more longevity.

Man working on the staris to add the new tredding to make it more safe wehn wet.
Metal stairs with new treds, yellow safety marking and a second rail at the side of The Coach House.

We reunited our weekday warriors too! In preparation for Pinical sound to insulate our extractor in the school house, Tony, Trevor and Glenn donned their tools and stripped back the 'rocket' ready for insulation.

The Weekday Warriors in The School House.
Ventilation unit which comes from The Kitchen fully stripped back and ready for sound insulation.

And finally... even more scaffolding has come down! Behind the building and down the side has now been removed. Fingers crossed the remaining scaffolding at the pub entrance will be down over the next week too. Three years of scaffolding to not alot left, nearly the end of an era!

Scaffolding poles and boards stacked up ready for removal.
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