Renovation Diary: May 2023

Week 18/23: 5th May

As if they were responding to a 'Bat-Signal' in the sky, our Weekday Warriors united once again on Tuesday to help with a huge clear up of the covered area in preparation for the Coronation Weekend. The bricks have been moved … again, the walls have been prepped and the rafters painted. Steve and the GRC students have started on the framework around the new brick wall and plumbing in the sink ready for more external bar action over the jam packed weekend.

Two Warriors on the scaffolding painting the inside of the roof, one tidying up. Moving the bricks, again. The covered area now all cleared away.
On the scafflding paiting the support beams and the back wall. The Warriors are in good spirits laughing an joking whilst moving the bricks. Starting to get ready for the celebrations at the weekend.
Trevor looking for bits he has missed on the inside of the roof. The sink unit insitu ready for installation. Wall and inside of the roof all painted.
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