Renovation Diary: January 2023

Week 1/2023: 6th January, 2023

It was a super exciting week this week as we had 'Your Energy Your Way' come in to install the solar panels on the School House roof. It is all complete and ready to start generating renewable energy for the whole building. Now all we need is some sunshine!

Solar panels installed on the roof of The School House.

Week 3/2023: 20th January, 2023

Warren was back this week to remove the top layer of scaffold. We are starting to see the side of the building again! More work can continue on the brick pointing now that these areas are accessible. Paul will be back after this cold snap to finish the School House roof now that the solar panelling has been installed.

Warren at the very top of the scaffolding starting to disassemble it. Top layer now off and Warren is working on the second level.
Side of the building without the top level of scaffolding; the building is starting to appear. Warren coming down the ladders with a lorry with some of the scafolding poles loaded already

Week 4/2023: 27th January, 2023

The painters and brickies were back in this week to work on some of the areas where scaffolding has been removed. The roofer checked over the School House roof following the solar panels being installed and all is ready for the next level of scaffold to come down! Not long now….!

Fixing the rendering on the side of the building.
Fixing the rendering just above the ladies toilet.
Ico:Backwards February 2023