2022 Past Events

Events Diary for 2022

2022 started with covid and Boris dominating the news headlines. No lockdown but face masks, booster shots and testing were the norm. With no lockdown, The Swan continued with events but with the recommendation people tested and took the appropriate precautions when attending. Eventually Covid was in the past and our kitchen opened in mid-May. By December we had three Prime Ministers, four Chancellors of the Exchequer and inflation in double digits. And it was an end of an era with the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

  • January 2024


    We started off 2022 with a bang with a packed set of events for January.We had quizzes, bingo, charity coffee mornings and a special cruise for those that had played bingo online during Covid.

    JANUARY 2022

  • February 2022


    Our first regular - Rene Lowe - turned 100 at beginning the month. Family and friends had organised a birthday party that the local community were invited to. And there was a lot more going on to at The Swan. See our February diary here.

    FEBRUARY 2022

  • March 2022


    The popular events were back with quizzes, bingo and cheese & wine. Our coffee morning was in aid of Comic Relief and was well attended - huge thanks to all involved. See our March events diary here.

    MARCH 2022

  • April 2022


    Twenty brave souls met with a FeverTree mixologist to learn about pairing and mixing a really good gin and tonic. Of course they were forced, yes forced, to drink what they had concocted. A great night was had.

    They were some photos taken of the Gin Tasting Evening. Unfortunately we are a little light for the rest of the month.

    APRIL 2022

  • May 2022


    This month's Coffee Morning supported our chosen local charity for 2022, the Family Friends. The Kitchen was finally finished and there was an oversubscribed test day for it. And we had the W&E Brew Dray make an appearance too. See our May Events Diary.

    MAY 2022

  • June 2022


    The Queen's Platinum Jubilee provided a great occasion for the community to come together at The Swan and celebrate. Over the Thursday and Friday we had several tea parties and then music at night. See our June Event Diary and remember what a great weekend it was ... and the other activities going on too.

    JUNE 2022

  • July 2022


    It was a really busy July with Line Dancing, Birthday Paerties, Christmas in July and much more.

    JULY 2022

  • August 2022


    Our annual commnity event SwanFest took place during August. We also had quizzes and mini-markets during the month too. See it all in our diary.

    AUGUST 2022

  • September 2022


    September saw the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II and the accession of King Charless III. This curtailed many of our normal events during the month. Our September event diary is therefore a little light.

    SEPTEMBER 2022

  • October 2022


    All Hallows' Eve brought out the spooks and ghouls so we had to call in the Datchet Border Morris dancers to fight them off and make The Swan safe again for another year. This, and other events, can be seen in our October Events Diary

    OCTOBER 2022

  • November 2022


    Carly, one of our students, had been nominated for the Plunkett Young Person Award (sponsored by Abri). We have recorded that, bonfire night, games night and much more in our November Events Diary. Gone on - have a wee look at what happened this month!

    NOVEMBER 2022

  • December 2022


    December was packed with events for young and old. We had Breakfast with Santa, carols, music, a Christmas market, Prohibition Night, the Green Room Winter Fayre and of course Hogmanay too. Please see our December Events Diary to see what happened at our wee community pub.

    DECEMBER 2022