November 2022

Here is a round-up of the events at The Swan during November, 2022.

2nd Nov: Swan Elders

On Wed Wings & GR6 welcomed PCSO David Bullock to The Swan to talk about his work, and most importantly, give a refresher on how to use the defib which is outside the pub. David, a familiar face to many in Windsor, has been instrumental in getting so many public access defibs around the town.

 PCSO David Bullock

5th Nov: Bonfire Night

We thought there were sparklers aplenty available (over 100 packs) but we very quickly ran out as the kids wanted to show off their artistic skills. No brazier this year, we used the firepit instead. Micky had prepared The Courtyard earlier in the day to allow for dancing. It was just as well as Backtrak returned and played a fantastic set from The Cowshed. Much dancing. Much singing. It was a great night for all!

The Courtyard ready for the festivities Backtrak in The Cowshed
The firepit with flames People dancing to the music
Packed Courtyard ready for the dancing The Backtrak guitarist
More flames with people sitting in the background People dancing the night away

7th Nov: Games Night

The regular games night was hosted as usual by our local gaming expert, Simon Russell. A new group joined the evening which is great to see. This was after a lot of interest within our Facebook page. So The Bar was busy full of gamers enjoying the challenge of board games old and new. Fancy giving it a go? First Monday of the month.

The regular players - five gents with gane in front of them and the odd beer too.
Two gents playing a card game, and not a diamond or spade in sight.
Seven ladies who have joined the group this month
Another table of regular players
Simon's secret boc of games which changes each month

7th Nov: Open Forum #1

Announced at the AGM a few weeks ago, the Open Forum is a way for The Bevy (shareholders and loanees) to interact directly with the Directors. Pass on feedback, ask questions, and get an update. The Coach House was full for the first one.

Attendees at the first forum inside The Coach House.

Both the meeting minutes and the meeting notes (from the Jamboard) are available via the link below. They cover a number of wide ranging topics that affect both the pub and the site as a whole.

The next Open Forum will be after the New Year. Bevy members will get advanced notice of it via email in the normal manner.

9th Nov: Swan Elders

Swan Elders saw the return of our favourite joke set up: 'A priest and a doctor walk into a bar….' Clewer's very own Rev. Rosie and Dr. Ed came back for a second year running to talk about their roles within the community and answer any questions students have about life, death, religion, health, wellbeing…anything really. Thanks Rosie and Ed for taking the time to visit again!

Doctor Ed and Reverend Rosie at The Swan

9th Nov: Quiz Night

Another fabulous evening of quiz fun saw Swan Patrol crowned as the team who knew most about obscure facts dreamt up by question master Martin. While Emily won the prize raffle scooping the Jackpot of £10. The second consecutive time that the Jackpot has been claimed meaning it will start again at £10 on Wed 23 November.

Swan Patrol
Emily winning the jackpot

11th Nov: Carly Abbott

Carly is one of the heroes at The Swan. She has her own “Stay & Play”, she is a regular at our coffee mornings helping out, she is a core member of the Epic Thursdays team, and much more. We all thought she was doing such a cracking job that we put her forward for an Award from the Plunkett Foundation ... and she got into the last three in the category of “Young Person Award” sponsored by Abri. Wahhey! and extremely well deserved.

Carly and Micky in The Swan before going to London

The event was hosted by TV presenter and auctioneer, Charlie Ross, live on YouTube from St Martin in the Fields in London. The room was packed and there were over 400 watching online. In The Swan, a group of regulars and GRS staff were also watching. We were so chuffed that Carly had got through to the last three. And equally as chuffed when she received a certificate in recognition of her efforts. Richly deserved and a testament to all her achievements and hard work at The Swan.

Carly reading the Awards Brochure before the start
Carly receiving the certificate runners-up
Carly with the certificate

Here is the video that was broadcast live on YouTube. Just click on the photo to play the video. It should start playing at Carly's section of the Awards Ceremony. Please note that some of the audio on the live feed is very quiet and you will need to turn your audio up quite a lot.

Before the Awards Ceremony at St Martin in the Fields, Carly and Micky took the opportunity of some sight seeing at Trafalgar Square.

Micky and Carly at Trafalgar Square in London.
Carly in front of Nelson's Column.
Carly ensuring the monuments in the fountain are held up.
Carly at the fountain, starting to think about the awards.

Have you seen the video that was used for the initial application. It was a collaboration between Micky, The School and The Friends. Basically it highlights just some of the things that she does within The Swan. Just click on the photo to play the video.

Here are some photos from the official photographer who was quite prolific during the event. If you are a Facebook member, you may have seen some of them already.

Carly with the presenter and another winner.
Carly being congratulated by the presenter.

23rd Nov: Quiz Night

Congratulations to our winners this week. 'Just the two of us' were worthy winners of the main event scooping the £25 bar card. Sue Rigby had the winning raffle ticket and hopefully enjoyed her pint of beer! The good news is that the raffle jackpot rolls over until next time, when it will be worth £20.

Just the Two of Us
Sue won the jackpot

25th Nov: Coffee Morning

Here are the teams from Friends of The Swan and also Family Friends who worked together to make this coffee morning a real success.

Friends of The Swan and Family Friends together

During the event we jointly raised £225 towards the funds of Family Friends. If you would like to donate to this very worthy cause, please visit their website.

Bez and Dawn serving and collecting money.
Dawn serving cake.
Even the community police came in.
Cake table with people choosing their cake.

A huge thanks to all the volunteers, staff, students and bakers. And also to our customers who have contributed to such a worthy local cause.

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