Renovations Diary: 31st July, 2020

The Coach House

Week by week we continue to be impressed by the work ethic and skill with which the Jayflex team progress on the Coach House. The roof is absolutely stunning and the workmanship that has gone into the slating and lead work is of the highest class.

The importance of making this refurbishment true to the building’s age and character is paramount and we are incredibly lucky to have Brendan's attention to detail every step of the way. The team have now moved on to working on the fascia, soffits and guttering as well as insulating and fire boarding internally.

Our Coach House doors have been taken away to be fixed up and soon the windows and doors will be in and plastering can start. No sooner is one thing complete than they are straight on to the next, and they haven’t missed an hour since they started!

Some pictures of the work on the roof above the door. Excellent craftmanship an the use of proper tar instead of pre-made rolls that would need replaced in a few years! Also spot the excellent lead-working.

Tarring the roof above the coach house first floor door Beautiful piece of lead working
Tar being readied for transport to the roof Keeping the hot tar moving
Spreading the tar in close-up The finished roof beautifully tarred

Meanwhile inside the guys have been insulating the first floor.

Insulating inside the coach house Working at height is difficult
Support straps being added to the outside of the coach house Another busy day is over
The front window still has to go in Remedial work to the first floor joists

Weekday Warriors

The team have started to rake out the old failed mortar ready to repoint. You will have seen the guys up working on the chimney. Further work has continued to the outside of the pub to sofits & fascias these are now in the process of been painted traditional black along with the guttering.

Inside we have helped Keith our electrician by running a cable through the pub old kitchen to supply the coach house and IT suite above. The bathroom upstairs in the pub is also having works done with cupboard doors and frame construted onsite.

Scraping one of the window frames of the main pub Jim getting ready for an afternoon of painting
John chiseling out the old mortar on one of the chimneys Newly painted brackets hanging in the courtyard
It is a long way up there at the chimney - far photo to show height Jim painting the supports for the guttering

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards