Keeping Everyone Safe

Monday 12th April - end of Lockdown 3

The Swan re-opened on April 12th at 1pm. We are using the outside and covered spaces inline with the government regulations. We will not have any indoor seating at this time. To enjoy your time fully at The Swan, you must follow our guidelines. These are not negotiable and failure to adhere to them may incur fines for the pub, the staff and yourself. We ask for your help here please.

Please follow these simple steps

Inline with government guidelines we have implemented some changes for your safety and that of our bar staff, partners, suppliers and supporting volunteers. These are not too onerus and we ask that everyone follows them. These are under constant review and we do ask that you do come back regularly to remind yourself of the current rules. Thanks in advance.

Firstly and most obviously (but we must say it), if you are feeling unwell or showing any of the Covid symptoms, do not come to the pub.

There is no need to have been vaccinated but every single customer must check using the QR code displayed at your table on arrival. If you don't have a phone you must provide your name, contact details and arrival time on our written record (this will be held for 21 days). Failure to adhere to this will mean you may be asked to leave the pub.

Also, whilst we try to keep every one safe:

  1. Entry and exit to The Swan is via the main gates, not the front door.
  2. There are santizer points on site, please use them regularly.
  3. You can only order, eat and drink while seated outside in our courtyard.
  4. Please do not stand at either the bar or side hatch, we cannot take your order nor have a chat.
  5. You don’t need to wear a mask when seated but do to move about the site, such as on arrival and going inside to the toilet.
  6. Those that are exempt from the use of a face mask are asked to help our staff and please do not take offence if challenged.
  7. Tables, which will be kept a safe distance apart, are limited to either six people or two households ('rule of 6' applies).
  8. All orders and payments will be taken by staff at your table.
  9. We ask you to use common sense to stay socially distanced (eg, no standing at other tables).
  10. Children will need to remain seated and cannot play or run about in The Courtyard.
  11. No queuing or standing to wait for tables or watch events is allowed.

There's now no early curfew or any food requirement as before. Similarly there is no need to text the pub phone with your details.

All of our team have been trained in these new safety procedures and will have their temperature checked, use appropriate cleaning and PPE provided at the start of each shift. Staff will be wearing face coverings.

Information on your table

These are currently being reviewed and updated. Please come back very soon for an update.

Due to the guidelines, we are providing table service only. As with the rest of the pubs in Windsor we are balancing quality of service and safety with potentially making a loss. If the pub is busy, we would really appreciate your patience. The staff will get to you but it may take a little longer than anybody would want.

Thank you for helping us.

Booking a Table

We have a limited number of tables available for booking (walk-in is therefore still possible). These are under the covering in The Courtyard and will have heaters. Bookings can be requested by emailing your details to

Please note that there is only a 15 minute grace on your time of arrival. The 'rule of six' applies at all times.

Any questions?

Based upon questions we have received, we would like to clarify the following points:

  1. Tables/chairs will be cleaned and sanitised prior to opening, after every use and at close down.
  2. Toilets will be cleaned hourly and a strict cleaning schedules are in place for the pub to be followed against the government guidelines and our risk assessment.
  3. Please do not rearrange the furniture, all tables have been arranged specifically to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Please keep your questions coming and we will try and answer them as soon as possible.

The pub during the Covid period

The pub carried on during the Covid-19. We were open, we were shut, we were online ... and any mixture of them. It was confusing times. We have kept a short diary intended to keep the community informed what was going on. It is recorded on our Covid-19 History page. Be safe!