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Our next Bingo Night is on Thursday 20th June at 7.30pm. Eyes down!

Our regular Bingo Caller is Richard Allen who has plethora of sessions both online and face-to-face. Rules are further down this page. Bingo nights occur once a month, usually on the third Thursday of the month. Tables can be pre-booked via the Bar Staff using the email address

Eyes Down!

Bingo In The Pub

16th May, 2024

Bingo proved to be very popular especially when you could get a Thai meal too. We had more than 40 inside and another 30 outside between the two having a fantastic time. Bingo is most certainly going through a renaissance at the moment and The Swan seems to be the place to be. Why not join us? Eyes down!

Bingo players taking over the pub
Was a busy night both in the pub and out in the courtyard
Bingo is going through a bit of a renaissance
Our bingo caller - Richard Allen
Winner of the jackpot with Richard and Trudy

18th April, 2024

It was a record breaking Bingo Night last night, with over 40 players dabbing and singing in a packed pub, with prizes galore! In the Top of the Bill final game, Frede walked off with £10 for a line, and the Full House cash jackpot of £30 was shared between Amanda and Natasha! Our next Bingo night is Thursday 16th May, book a table early!

21st March, 2024

Bingo master Richard Allen.
A table of happy Bingo players.
Two bingo players smiling and enjoying themselves.
Listening intently whilst the rules are explained.

It was a corker of a Bingo Night last night with our biggest turnout yet! The Bingo Gods shined on a packed Coach House with prizes for 7 different players, and first-timer Amanda walked off with the Top of the Bill' cash pot of £20! Our next Bingo session is on 18th April at 8pm - it promises to be a big one so book your table now!

15th February, 2024

It was a full house at this weeks Bingo in the Coach House. As ever the 'Bingo Gods' favoured the first timers, with Jaia, George, Judy and Lauren all scooping prizes in the main game on their first outing! Fortune also favours the brave as Fiona brought in her table after a sumptious Thai meal and rounded the night off with a win on the Big Cash £1 Golden Ticket round, with Jean taking the ultimate prize of £15! A new call was introduced this week in loving memory of Renee, our Bingo Queen..."All the 2's, 22, here's to you our Renee!" (Renee being born in 1922) The '22 ball appeared in every game which gave us 4 chances to raise our glasses to her, and we will forever more!

Winners of the Bingo

18th January, 2024

It was a small but perfectly formed group of bingo lovers who braved the cold last night to do battle with their dabbers! In a run of remarkable luck, Karin did the treble, winning a line and two full house prizes, while Jen and David were victorious in the final Golden Ticket game!

Karin did the treble.
Quizzers concentrating hard.

22nd December, 2023

Just because it was Christmas week, our regular Bingo players were not resting on their laurels! Our last Bingo of the year turned into a riotous affair, with much singing along to 'Dancing Queen' and 'Staying Alive' with Sue Rigby winning the final golden card cash pot as an early Christmas pressie! Thanks to Trudy for stepping in to do the calling.

The bingo players in the bar.
Checking the cards for a house.

19th October, 2023

The Coach House was packed for another night of Bingo with our leader Richard Allen.

The Bingo Posse

21st September, 2023

Bingo was back after its summer holiday and we had a packed coach house. Our regular Bingo Caller was back too to lead us through a maze of games. See more in our September, 2023 Events Diary and also a list of the winners on the night.

A hushed room whist the game is on
Explaining the rules
Time for a wee break between games
Show us the money!

20th April, 2023

We saw the Coach House packed for another feast of Bingo. Under the watchful eye of Richard Allen there were many winners, too many to list here but a special shout out to Mary who won the line jackpot in The Big Cash Game. But there is a wee picture with all the winners listed - you know who you are! See more in our April, 2023 Events Diary.

Richard and Aidan reviewing the calls.
Group of ladies enjoying themselves.
A very full Coach House full of players.
List of winners.

30th March, 2023

Another bingo night was well attended in The Coach House with some new players joining the regulars. First time Jacob won both the line and full house for the first and second games! Only in the last regular game was the spell broken by Louise (line) and Cristina (fh). The last game was a cash prize game with Emma winning £5 and Cristina £10. As you can, our bingo master - Richard Allen - was appropriately attired for the evening!

Richard explaining the rules
Deep concentration from two of the players
Celebrating the winner
A busy coach house full of bingo players.

23rd February, 2023

At the welcome return of our popular bingo, a packed Coach House were poised with their dabbers. The usual format with a fab atmosphere. A great night was had by all attending. Tap on the image to see more photos.

17th March, 2022

Congratulations to our St Patrick's Bingo winner Trudy Lowe who won the bottle of Moët for the flier round. Another great evening with plenty of green outfits in recognition of the date. Thanks to Richard Allen for his continued his role as bingo caller with some new Irish themed calls.

Our flier winner - Trudy - being presented with a bottle of champagne by our bingo caller

17th February, 2022

We had a busy bar for the bingo, even those in for a quick drink got roped in along with the bar staff too.

All the tables in The Bar were full
Players in action
POur bingo caller, Richard Allen
Faces intense with concentration
Gentlemen playing at the bar itself
Two laides checking their cards
Discussion abut have I won or not
The pub was busy

20th January, 2022

A packed house greeted the return of Bingo to The Swan. With Richard Allen calling the numbers in his inimitable style a good time was had by all, especially the winners. A new 'bonus' round had players competing for the Golden Ticket (aka flier).

  • 1st: line and full house - Jen McGeachie.
  • 2nd: line - Jen; full house - Joanne Decoutho.
  • 3rd: line - Sarah Drake and Johnny; full house - Nicole Caton.
  • 4th (Golden Ticket): line (£4) - Lexie Sparks; full house (£20) - Connor Lindop.
Lexie happy with her £ winnings in the Golden Ticket game
All the tables were participating inside the pub
More full tables of Bingo participants

15th January, 2022

This was a special event by invitation only. For those who had participated in our online bingo nights, it would instantly known. It was our virtual cruise night for our bingo winners. They came appropriately dressed for the event which was held in The Coach House, which volunteers had dressed up too (huge thanks!).

Some of the passengers enjoying a welcome glass of fizz
The passengers
The Coach House dressed up
Four of the passengers with sailor's hats on

14th October, 2020

We were happy to welcome lots of new players that filled The pub. Richard Allen was our host. Winners on the night were:

  • 1st game: line - Stephanie; full house - Stephanie, Sandro, Mark.
  • 2nd game: line - Nu; full house - Peter.
  • 3rd game: line - Kat; full house - Louise.
Our bingo caller in muffti
Captiver audience
Louise with her prizer for a full house
The caller explain the rules
Regulars enjoying themselves

23rd September, 2020

A big thank you to the intrepid Bingo players who made their way to The Swan despite the bad weather on Wednesday. Thank you also to Rachel (not only the star of Rachel Reads) who deputised as caller when our usual host was unavailable.

Congratulations to all our winners but especially to Tony Cross who won the final full house. Watch this space for detail of the next Bingo evening.

Louise receiving a bottle of beer
Peter with his winning bottle of beer
Our winnert
Another of our winners, wee Tony

9th September, 2020

A return of Bingo to The Swan saw our first simultaneous live and virtual event. Richard Allen, our resident bingo caller delivered to players in the pub and those who stayed within the comfort of their own home. Once a few IT issues had been resolved the games began with many winners on the night including Vernon, Amjad, Erin, Trudy, Louise, Jane and Tony. The winner of the full house in our final game was Katie Eleftheriou who was presented with a beautiful swan motif notebook.

Teams online via Zoom Inside the pub in the paby window
Ladies enjoying the bingo Quite a few tables took part
One of our winners

Rules For Playing In The Pub

The rules are pretty simple yet traditional when we are playing face-to-face in the pub:

  • It is a 90-ball game.
  • We have 3-game bingo books.
  • It's 75p a card, so £2.25 for the three games.
  • Players can choose to play anything between 1 and 6 cards, that's what they will play for the night.
  • Maximum is £9 for 6-cards in a game.
  • We play three games and then a special one at the end.
  • Each game we will play for a line and then for the house.
  • Winners of each will receive a prize.
  • The last game is “The Big Cash Game' which costs £1, one card only.
  • The Bingo Caller's decision is final.
  • Card payment is preferred although we will take cash.
  • Dobbers will be available on loan.
  • Any proceeds remaining from playing will go to the restoration funds for The Swan.
  • There will be a short break between games to allow you to recharge your glass.

If you are coming along, please can you familiarise yourself with our covid guidelines - thank you.

Online Bingo

During the various Covid Lockdown periods during 2020 and 21, we started Online Bingo which proved to be very popular. We very quickly built a group of regular players. Every second Wednesday they would joing us on Zoom and play. Our compere was Richard Allen who quickly built up a reputation as an excellent caller.

Each night we plaid for a line or a grid/card, slowly building it up to two and then three cards. Winning meant inclusion on The Swan cruise, which so far still hasn't departed still due to Covid restrictions. Games were free but we did encourage a small donation to help pay the bills and keep renovation work going whilst the pub was physically shut. A huge thanks to all those who donated, very much appreciated.

Photos and names of our online winners can be found on our Online Events page.These took place during the various lockdowns that we found ourselves placed under to try and control Covid. In all we had seventeen online games spanning almost a year. We thank The Friends of The Swan who organised and supported this activity.

Richard Allen
Tony and Rachel Cross
Richard Douglas
Ann Payne

The Swan got an excellent reputation from this activity such that we hired Richard out to companies who were doing team building excercises to keep morale up during Lockdown. Please note that we have left the instructions to hold an online bingo event below. We can furnish more information should you wish to hold one yourself or need our assistance. Good luck!