Events Diary: Courtyard Clear-Up

People started arriving at ten and immediately got stuck-in to clearing-up The Courtyard. It has been used for sand, skips, workplace, etc and has had channels dug through it amongst a number of things. Everyone mucked in: bar staff, friends, nieghbours, passers-by ... you name it, they were roped in.

Clearing away the debris under the covered area
Tables everywhere
A lot of furniture was moved to get it in the right place
Braiser being positioned - it was later moved

As well as the clearup, the annuals were being replaced and the rest having a really good tidy up - thye hadnt been attended to since the autumn.

The ladies planting up
Bas and Diana trimming the bamboo
And more planting
And more trimming

The Courtard was brushed, and then brushed again, and then you guess it ... one more for good luck. Gazebos and umbrellas went up; so did the bunting. And the place organised to give the required social distancing necessary by the rules.

Luke from the bar team even got involve
The Coirtyard was swept a number of times
Putting up the gazebo - the team eventually won
Finished underneath the covered area

And shazzam, it was done ... okay took a lot of people four or more hours, but we got there and were rady for opening on Monday the 12th. Now fingers crossed for the weather!

The maingate
The covered area
The Courtyard
The place was looking pretty good

Thanks to all of those involved. These are just a few of them, sorry we couldn't get a group photo due to the rules.

The ladies planting
Still time for joking - daen and Bes having a giggle
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