Events Diary: Horse Racing

We organised an evening of horse racing and beer tasting on a Saturday evening, something different to Ant & Dec and the likes. We had six races from around the UK, with beers matched to the chosen race courses. On the night, Richard Allen compered and Will Calvert took us through the beers.

Richard Allen - the cheeky compere
Advertising poster
Chief bottle man - Will Calvert

Many were appropriately dressed for a night at the races.

Young Bas and his panama hat
Anne at Ascot
Louise who organised the evening

Six different beer styles from Pilsner Lager, Golden Ale, English and US style IPAs and Old Ale to finish with a Barley Wine – all brewed close to featured racecourses. The beer list was:

  • Windsor: W&E Windsor Farm Shop Craft Lager 330ml bottle;
  • Newmarket: Oakham Citra Golden Ale 500 ml bottle (the most popular);
  • Wincanton: Hall & Woodhouse Twice Tangled IPA 500ml;
  • Hamilton: Drygate Disco Forklift Mango IPA 330ml can;
  • Thirsk: Theakston Old Peculier 500ml bottle;
  • Wolverhampton: Banks' Barley Gold Barley Wine 330ml can.

During the evening we had a 'who has the best bottle opener moment' which Willie would claim he won (openers are available from The Brewery allegedly). However we had a range of openers from cricket bat shaped, to Scottish designs, to items that looked more for torture than anything else!

Willie and his WE Brew opener
A torture item
A gavel like opener

Over a three(ish) hour period we went through six different races and beer combinations. Everyone stayed with us for the whole evening - thanks. And we received nearly £375 in donations.

Outnumbered 4 to 1 Pink ice
The Lavers Thae Payne-Lowe's
Anne and Mick

Unfortunately it wasn't practical to take screenshots of everyone, so you might see yourself below.

The punters
More of the punters

Towards the end of the evening, the beer did start to take affect. The Old MacDonald's Stakes had the crowd cheering on their horse. Unfortunately they were called 'Oink Oink', 'Woof Woof', 'Meow Meow' and the likes. Everyone got into the spirit. Nothing to do with the various beers of course!

Heads and Tails
Heads and Tails
Heads and Tails

Our winners on the night were 'Two from 2' aka The Lavers. They had the most points on the night but were closely followed by our joint second place punters: Pink Ice, Red Rum and The Winches. Congratulations to all on the horse racing prowess.

The hamper for the winner
Sarah Laver from
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards