Events Diary: Re-Opening

Whahey! The pub has officially re-opened at 1pm on April 12th. This after Lockdown 3 that was imposed back last December, some four long months ago. The gates were opened and the community came for a small refreshment and to get the feel of a pub again. The good weather at lunchtime certainly helped.

Sneak peek through the gates
The main gates were beautifully decorated
It was early and already getting busy
People entering through the main gates

A little too early for the new Bar Menu, people got their first sup of draught beer from a pub for many months. That first pint was something to savour and behold. Stories will be told in years to come.

Some of the regulars (and all volunteers)
Weekday Warriors taking the afternoon off

It was good to see that The Courtyard was busy all afternoon and into the early evening. People were following the guidelines, staying socially distanced and enjoying the fresh air. When popping to the loo, masks were worn.

General shot of The Courtyard
Tables were full
Those without heaters were wrapped up well due to the cold
Evening shot
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards