Events Diary: Beer & Cheese

Congratulations and sincere thanks to all who made our 6 Nations beer and cheese evening such a success. Plans are evolving for another online evening of fun with different themes but hopefully an equally successful event. It was well attended ad we had reached our limit for cheese and beer.

Sorry, standard Zoom picture of some of those who attended
Hopefully the audience has changed slightly for this Zoom picture
A few Scottish items of clothing are apparent

Richard Allen was our compere (and also did one of the entertainment rounds), Will Calvert proposed and introduced the beers, whilst Mike Unger (the CheeseMunger) had selected and introduced the cheeses.

Richard Allen
Will Calvert
Mike Unger

Over a three(ish) hour period we went through six different beer and cheese combinations - one for each of the six nations countries. Okay there was a slight cheat with the French bier, but it was necessary. In between the tastings, we plaid a few games too to allow the beer and cheese to settle; also allow for the odd pitstop too.

The Crossess The Parsons The Gibsons
The Calverts John Symon The Hels
The Williams Colin Shearer Simon and Louise

As well as introducing the various beers and cheeses, discussing the virtues of each and pointing out some small inadequacies of the alternative, our experts also took questions from the floor.

Willie showing one of his beers
Likewise, Mike showing one of his cheeses, beautifully layered

Towards the end of the evening, one of the entertainment rounds was "heads and tails", an old rugby game that has very little thinking required but basically can get you off your bum. We don't actually know who won, that stays withion the tasting. Maybe you can spot yourself or someone you know.

Heads and Tails
Heads and Tails
Heads and Tails

It was one young lady's birthday on the night so all sang a wee song for her. Rene - the pub's oldest patron - was a spritely 99 years young. Happy birthday. Apologies for the bad singing.

The Household
Rene, the birthday girl

Unfortunately we didn't get photos for everyone but hopefully you know you were there!

Lexie Chris
Big Al Anne Tebbatt
The Jones James taking it easy

And by the way, did anyone mention the scores? Worth looking up and may explain the number of Scots related items seen in the photos.

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards