Events Diary: Swan Song

Our 2020 Swansong saw our largest online audience as we celebrated the eve of New Years Eve! Guided beer tasting, musical bingo and a 2020 quiz combined to deliver a much needed fun night in. Big thanks to Will, Richard and Anne as well as congratulations to our (many) winners who walked off with tickets for two to enjoy a tour of Windsor and Eton Brewery. (The virtual cruise was fully booked!)

Lexie The Lavers
The Paynes The Williams
Iain Morgan The Parsons

Musical Bingo provided a different slant on a familiar game with congratulations to the winners: 1st The Drakes, 2nd Sarah Laver and 3rd Debbie Hodkin.

Enoying the Bingo
Enoying the Bingo
Enoying the Bingo

A challenging quiz saw wins for Richard Douglas (Individual), Smike (Household) and The Snowy Swans (Team).

Enoying the Quiz
Anne Tebbatt, quiz master
Enoying the Bingo

Willie Calvert guided us through four different beers from The Brewery. Packs had been available for £10 containing 1L Windsor Knot, a bottle of Father Thames, a bottle of Beamquake and a can of Capital. Willie guided us through the beers, with Beamquake being a new one to most and Father Thames getting a huge 'thumbs up'.

Pouring a Capital Willie discussing beer
Can of Capital lager TWillie pointing out the virtues of Father Thames
Bottle of Beamquake Discussing Father Thames

The other highlight of the evening was receiving just under £250 in voluntary donations from those that took part - for which many thanks. All funds raised will go towards the kitchen renovation.

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards