Events Diary: Bonfire Night

Before the event there was a lot of prep work done by the bar staff, volunteers and the school. The school were responsible for the two Guys that were to be burnt on the night (they were premiered the day before at Epic Thursday). Didn't they do a fab job of them?

The unveiling of the Guys Bonfire lit and ready for action
Special hot chocolate was also available Wood was piled high for the bonfire
The two Guys ready for the ceremony

Who doesn't love a bonfire? Our brazier out in The Courtyard does an excellent job whilst keeping it contained and people safe. All the correct safety requirements were observed. And we got to burn the guys too!

Lovely orange and red flames with a black background
The flames got quite high from the brazier
One of the Guys going in
You can almost feel the heat of the bonfire from this photo
Dirk the Guy being brought out for burning
Dirk the Guy up in flames

The pub was busy inside and out as the local community turned out for a fun evening.

The Courtyard was full of people
Kids were playine with sparklers (and supervised)
Jackets were certainly required for the eveniong chill
Not a spare table anywhere at The Swan

Which included live music from a new band for us - BackTrak. They were excellent and are sure to return in the future.

BackTrak - a four piece band
The crowd stayed on for the music
BackTrak again

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