Children in Need 2021

Children in Need 2021

Running all day of Friday 19th November, 2021 we were aiming to raise as much cash for Children in Need as possible. As everyone knows, the Covid Lockdowns have contributed to the poor mental and physical wellbeing of youngsters across the UK. They need our help more than ever.

During the day, we:

  • Attempted to rowing the length of the Thames.
  • Had the BBQ to end all barbecues.
  • Gorged ourselves from the cake sale.
  • WaxedMicky's beautiful legs. Oooo-er!
  • Were entertained with live music from The Freeranger.
  • Sold doggy dinners.
  • And when remembered, had random quiz rounds.

Final Total Raised

To the sound of a drum roll (please just imagine it!) .... The Swan raised a total of:


so far. This is made up of £1015 from Just Giving and £440.36 from donations and the various activities throughout the day. Please note that this doesn't include any Gift Aid which Just Giving and the Children in Need charity will recover.

To all those who donated time or money - You are an absolute STAR!! Thank you very much for your donation. It really means a lot to us and to BBC Children in Need. We couldn't do what we do without your support. Much Love, Micky and The Swan Team.

Some Thank Yous

Whilst Children in Need is all about the children, without the selfless actions of many it we wouldnt have been able to raise any money. We must thank these folk who gave upo their time (and a lot of energy) to make this happen.

Firstly, to ALL our bar staff at The Swan who donated 50% of their wages for Friday towards the cause and time on the rowing machine too. This was absolutely fantastic and we thank them all.

With a huge risk of missing someone, our rowers included the following: Micky, Peter Clifford, Tony Cross, the students of GR6, Connor Lindop, Simon Baker, Harry, Richard Douglas, Donovan Welch, David Feaver, Tony from WCH, Danielle Ramsay, Donovan Welch, Miranda Whybrow and others (if someone is missing, please tell us and we will add).

To our musician - The Free Ranger - also known as Rob Oliphant who plaid from 5.30pm donating his time for free. Huge thanks sir!

The BBQ and doggy dinner team included Rachel & Tony Cross, Trevor Harvey, Louise Winch and Ian Birch. Very tasty and thank you.

A huge thank you to the local businesses that supported up: Kris Cruisers and Handmade in Windsor.

And of course to our organiser, and our General Manager, Micky Foden-Andrews. A huge well done!!!

Pictures from the Day

Here are some of our brave rowers that were attempting to row the length of the River Thames.

The rowing machines all set up ready to go Teams of people turned up to use the two rowing machines
The first rower - Micky Rowers smiling - wait until later and see if they are still smiling
More rowers - Connor and a young lady (sorry dont know her name) Richard and Miranda on the rowing machines
Two ladies rowing being supported by onlookers The students of our school during their lunch break

And the bar staff all got involved too with some doing multiple stints on the rowing machine!

Harry throwing everything into the rowing
Micky pespiring a little on the rowing machine
One of the bar staff pulling on the machine
Connor breathing steadily

At 6pm Micky got his leg's waxed, just £2 a strip. This was VERY popular and people were actually calling in with pledges to 'help' make sure all of his legs were smooth. Some wanted to go higher but this wasn't allowed ... by Micky.

No blood - yet! Micky sitting with legs up ready for the next strip of wax
There were plenty of volunteers to help Micky wax his legs
Micky holding in a scream

Got any more pictures? Please send them to and we will add to this gallery.

Make a Contribution

We set up a Just Giving page to allow you to make donations. It's quite simple (we hope!): you can either click on the link below or use the QR code with your smartphone. Both will whisk you to our Just Giving page and let you see our running total. All donations are secure.

QR code for our Just Giving page

BBC Children in Need fund people, projects and charities to change young lives in the UK. It is a privilege for the team at The Swan to participate and contribute to this very worthy cause. Please help!

Just Giving


Before Friday, we will be making a series of daily updates to let the community know what is going on when. Also to throw in some special events too that are not previously mentioned here. You can find all our social media links at the foot of this page. Also you can subscribe to our weekly email too.

First to be announced, live music ... The Free Ranger.

Live Music for Children in Need 2021

Our all day activity, from 10am until 10pm, is trying to row the length of the River Thames, 364km on rowing machines. We have two so you help too!

Rowing the River Thames for Children in Need 2021

Our pub manager - Micky - is going to get his leg's waxed for Children in Need. He thinks it is going to be easy! Oh dear! Come down and support him at 6pm on Friday.

Leg Waxing for Children in Need 2021

Announcing our BBQ from 5-8pm, doggie dinners from 5-7pm and quiz rounds at 5.30, 6,30 and 7.30pm. And there is more to come!

Summary of activities for Children in Need 2021

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