Events Diary: Oktoberfest 2021

Oktoberfest has become a tradition now in deepest Clewer. We set aside a small portion of it - namely The Swan - and turn it into Little Bavaria. We dress up the pub, we get in German biers (Rothaus Pils, Oechsner Schwarzbier and Oechsner Vier) and also German Bratwurst and the likes.

Our bier line up Inside the pub decorated up with bunting
Front door had an Oktoberfest banner Inside the pub really looked the part - a little bit of Germany
We even had low alcohol biers - just to show they existed The Bar all decorated with bunting and the biers and ...

The staff also get into the swing of things with traditional hats and some even get their hair plaited. Volunteers who do our famous BBQ also dress up for the occasion. And we are not disappointed by the locals and entertainers who get involved too.

The BBQ team Guests in traditional Franconian dress
Harry getting his hair plaited Harry and Giacomo with plaited hair
Giacomo puring a pint - plaited hair and traditional hat Mark & Sherridan in traditional gear and beer steins

Day 2 - the Friday - was a fabulous day interms of weather and attendance. The pub was packed inside and out. The BBQ and bar staff worked their socks off to satisfy the locals of whom their were plenty. It was great to see. At night Mark & Sherridan took to our "stage" and rocked the place.

Mark & Sherridan entertaining the crowd inside the pub Pub was packed for their session
Close up of Mark & Sherridan Just going on "stage"
Our signing duo Another shot of a packed pub

Unfortuantely day 2 - the Saturday - was a bit of a wash out. The heavens opened early doors and continued right through the night. It was wet - very wet - and that kept people indoors in the warth of their own homes.

Day 3 - the Sunday - was dry and people stuck their heads out and popped down for a wee Bratwurst and some of the delicious German bier. At night James Brown - who had his wedding reception in The Coach House - plaid live; a couple of sessions that were really well received by the locals. And wee Giacomo - his last night working at The Swan - plaid too.

James Brown - playing the guitar and singing
The pub was packed on Sunday night for the live music
Giacomo with a farewell song
People inside the pub enjoying the event
People inside the pub enjoying the event
People inside the pub enjoying the event
People inside the pub enjoying the event

Here are the posters that we used during our Oktoberfest.

Main Psoter
BBQ Poster

Oktoberfest will be back next year - it is a firm favourite at The Swan. Tschüss until then!

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards