SwanFest Day 3

The early rain on Sunday morning may have delaid things slightly, but closer to midday people started arriving. Their children particular enjoyed the entertainment we had laid on. Jess was a star with her various activities, and Rachel for her story telling.

Face painiting
More face painiting
Rachel Reads - story telling
Kids listening to Rachel Reads

Micky was back behind the stocks again. A donation was made that allowed all the bar staff to throw wet sponges at him. In fact all ages threw wet sponges at him - from 3 to 99. Yes, Renee did have a go! Even Micky's wife - Jess - got in there too! Micky raised nearly a hundred pounds for Windsor Homeless People with his efforts as well as some fantastic entertainment for all.

Jess retrieving some sponges Young girl throwing a sponge Josie throwing a sponge - a lot of effort going in here
Young lad about to launch a sponge The bar staff throwing sponges at the same time Rene - at 99 throwing a sponge - straight in to Mickys groin
A laughing Michael looking at a very wet Micky Staff throwing sponges, you can see the water trailing off Another youngster from short range
The whole crowd got involved in the stocks Young lassie, perhaps 2 or 3, throwing a sponge from about two feet away - hit! Even Jess - Mickys wife - got in on the act throwing sponges

After today, the team will be resting with their feet up for quite a few days to recover. As well as the actual time the BBQ was fired up, they did all the shopping and food prep work. They have raised nearly £2,000 over the three days. Great work team!

The BBQ team at the end of the night
Ian, Tony, Rachel and Anne - our BBQ team
Tony working at the BBQ whilst Ian takes on some sustanance

Mark and Sherridan took to the stage and started belting out some crackers.

Mark and Sherridan
Mark and Sherridan
Mark and Sherridan
Mark and Sherridan
People up dancing in a line
Real close up of Mark and Sherridan
And the crowd are still dancing

We were really pleased to see the return of so many regulars and so many new faces. We hope you all enjoyed SwanFest. We hope to see you back soon.

Family inside the pub The Courtyard was busy again
Watching Mark and Sherridan Busy Courtyard
Lexie tring to duck out of the way of the photo - failed Gary and Josie, locals
Cyclists in for some refreshments Enjoying the music
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards