SwanFest Day 2

This is being updated during SwanFest day 2. Please keep coming back. Also, send in your pictures please or post them on social media.

As the Windsor Cycle Hub assembled for the family ride, we took the opportunty to take some framed pictures. And yes, some of these photos are being passed to Thames Valley Police, you can guess for yourself which ones!

Amy Tisi
One of the Cycle Hub team
Luke and Michael from the bar team
Young couple enjoying themselves
Micky the bar manager Rachel the story teller
Anne of radio fame Jess who did the kids entertainment all weekend
The Windsor Cycle Hub team Will Calvert

The Bike Kitchen ran from 11 'til noon, and was then followed by a family bike ride. The WCH following is growing showing the popularity of cycling in Windsor.

Getting ready for the family ride
Susy Shearer
Mounting up and strapping in the young kids

Kids events today have included story telling, face painting, crafts and thowing wet sponges at Micky the pub manager.

Young face painted girl in the stocks
Craftwork in The Coach House - dont interrupt us!
A very wet Micky in the stocks
Rachel Reads - story telling for the youngsters

And it wasn't just the kids that had a go at Micky. £2 for three sponges seemed a bargain to some. Funds raised are going to Windsor Homeless Project. Same again tomorrow at 3pm. He is a glutten for punishment!

A very wert Micky
Winding up to throw a sponge
And its a hit, another sponge in the face
Jess looking happy whilst Micky looks extremely wet and still in the stocks

The pub was really busy all day which was great to see. Families, groups, friends came and went after having a great time. Some of the revellers from SummertimeLive at the Windsor Racecourse joined us too for some BBQ food and drinks.

The courtyard was mobbed Looking from the BBQ to a sea of people
Underneath the shed was full Some people realxed and put their feet up
Sun out and table brollies required Lots of talking and drinking
Looking for a table Even isnide the bar was busy

The band was Lighthaus who plaid an acoustic set. Giacomo from our bar team, is one of the players. They were on stage at 7.30pm.

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards