SwanFest Prep

Guest ales were added to the main pump pulls in the bar. Outside, the old temporary bar has been set up again to contain firkins and the likes of other guest beers and ciders.

Temporary bar with rain protection hood (also called the beak)
Temporary bar ready for all the guest beers
Guest beers and ciders on the temporary bar
Three pubs inside for the guest beers too

The tables were laid out and tidied up. Flowers from Lavender Green were added.

Flowers from Lavender Green
Inside the bar looking very attractive
Under the shed looking cleared and with flowers
The Courtyard was cleared too
Inside The Coach House was prepped for kids activities
The Courtyard

Micky and the team also created activities for kids, some of which are represented here.

Kids activities in production
Micky trying out the stocks
Mask for the kids to paint
Old pub sign versus new pub sign - ready for the kids to paint

And volunteers were sent out to collect the guest beers from various breweries. And by the sounds of it, there was some sampling done too just to make sure that the beer was fit for purpose. The same guys were also used as test pilots - hopefully we can get MUCH better pictures during SwanFest.

Micky at Batemans Brewery
Peter at Brockley Brewery
Peter at Cronx Brewery
Swan picture photo opportunity - with Micky
Swan picture photo opportunity - with Peter

With the BBQ running for three continuous days and over such long periods, one of the stables was cleared and kitchen equipment setup and thoroughly cleaned. Fridges and freezers were moved in too now that the stable has power. The BBQ team now have a good base to work from.

Tony clearing out one the stables
Cleaning down the kitchen equipment stored in the stable
Food being brought in ready for storage

All in all, the bar staff and volunteers have pout in one helluva effort to get SwanFest ready. All we need now is YOU!!! See you soon.

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