Renovation Diary: 13th November

A group of hard working warriors Trevor, John and Glenn cleared the remaining rubble from the back of the coach house and cemented in the holes in preparation for a new floor to be laid next month.

The lads mixing up concrete in The Coach House
Finishing off the right hand side hole that has been there since the refurb upstairs
The raw materials
The right hand corner finished and nicely level

It's been an exciting and productive week at The Swan with work starting on the roof! Paul has been systematically working through each problem area to make sure it is water tight before the scaffold can begin to come down. You can clearly see from the picture why this work is required.

Broken slates are being replaced - but at the moment, there is a big hole.

A huge thank you to our volunteers for getting out their paint brushes and giving the place a lovely makeover, ready for the new floor to be laid next month. Come in and see how lovely it looks!

The volunteers: Bez, Dawn and Trevor
One of the rings for tused to tie up horses in the old days
Back wall of The Coach House all repainted
Freshly repainted Coach House, ready for use again ... until the floor levelling is done
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards