Renovation Diary: 25th November

Building work has continued despite the heavy rain this last fortnight. Paul the roofer finished repairs to the top accessible parts of the roof.

Flashing redone at the chimneys.
Flashing redone at the very top of the building in the interconnect part.
Top of the roof with lots of equipment on it.
Slates all good now in this part of the roof.

This meant we were ready for the top parts of the scaffold to come down! Yes that's right, if passed by The Swan yesterday you would have seen Warren disassembling and lifting down the two upper platforms of scaffold ready for Paul to the move to next part of the roof work.

Dismantling the top part of the scaffolding - looks high up!
Chimney now clear of scaffolding.
Up on the scaffolding, part to be removed
Up on the scaffolding, part has totally gone!

Meanwhile Tex and Sam the painters have been prepping and painting the windows on the side and rear of the building. More work will progress next week with plans to remove the scaffold in sections as the work is completed so watch this space!

Bedroom window dtripped and ready for painting. Painting the windows on the first floor
Painting the outside of the window, picture taken from inside. Close up of the roof and painting work done
Finished window at the apex of the roof. Painting above the door.
On top of the gents toilet painting the windows.
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards