Renovation Diary: 28th July, 2022

Building work has continued in the stables these last few weeks and now the final touches are being made to the internal doors, paintwork and second fix electrical. Security is already in place.

The end result will gift The Swan with a series of usable spaces available to the community as a whole. This refurb has been funded by The Green Room School and during school hours the stables will provide a shop space (for students to sell their wares), a considerable workshop space for creative projects as well as an area for reception.

Stable 2 with new internal security door
Bikes inside stable 3 and 4, now merged
Electiricty and lighting have been added

The internal designs have been considered with a wide variety of purposes in mind. These spaces will be open to the community to hire for classes, meeting areas and general use as a workshop for those larger projects that require a more suitable workspace.

Stable 3 and 4 have been merged together
Currently used for teaching bike mechanics to the students
Bikes from the Windsor Cycle Hub to be moved into stable 5 when it is ready

The Windsor Cycle Hub has secured funding for a portion of the upgrade to stable 5 which will be its base for the bike kitchen and work with bringing cycling to the community. Keith & John from the WCH have nearly finished pointing brickwork and decorating Stable 5 which by should shortly be ready to accomodate the WCH equipment.

From outside, stable 5 doesn't look too impressive
Inside stable 5 with new security door and all the electrics boxed in
Back wall ready for mounting bikes
At the foot of the wall, re-pointing was required of the brickwork
Keith and John painiting in stable 5
Stable 5 is the home of the Windsor Cycle Hub
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