Renovation Diary: 18th February, 2022

Continuing thanks to our Weekday Warriors who have spent another busy week in The Kitchen. As you can see sinks are in place, tiling nearly complete with finishing the grouting the last step. It won't be long now!!!!

The Kitchen nearly fully tiles now Newly installed sink
To Cold Store room with most of the tiling complete Overhead washing facility
Another view of The Kicthen showing tiling and aluminimum from the cooking area Appliances have been put in the right place, but not connected up yet

Sincere thanks to Bas who has added welcome colour to the front of the pub. He took away the hanging baskets that were full of dead flowers and restocked them.

Newly populated hanging basket outside the main door
Lovely yellow and pink flowers in the hangling baskets
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards