Renovation Diary: 11th February, 2022

The week has been about tiling. And more tiling. And yes you guessed it, even more tiling. The Kitchen and The Cold Store need a lot of tiles and it has taken an army of volunteers to do it. Even the students from our school have got involved which gives them some unique experiences.

Student tiling Lexie Sparks tiling
Richard Douglas tiling Richard Allen and Tony Cross tiling
Ian Birch tiling Tony cutting tiles

Will probably miss someone, apologies if so (and do let us know). Thanks must go to Ian, Trevor, Tony, Lexie, Richard A, Richard D amongst others. Even whilst they were working long hours, they kept a smile on their face.

It is hard to state the amount of tiling required, from just aboove the floor right up to the ceiling. And with windows, doors, sockets, etc to work round too, it has been very time consuming. These photos do not do it justice what they Warriors have achieved.

Kitchen wall containing the windows is fully tiled but needs grouting The installed plumbing work - looks professional
Again, the front wall nearly completed
Finishing the tiling over the door into The Kitchen
Finishing off the wall where the pizza oven will go

McFarlane Telfer came in to put in the plumbling for the sinks, etc by the windows. Whilst this appears a big step forward, it needs to be disconnected to allow the grouting on the tiles before being re-connected. That said, the installation did invaluable experience for the apprentices.

Apprentices manoevering kitchen equipment into place Working on the plumbing underneath the sink
Bit of instruction going on for the apprentices
Discussing cutting of the plastic pipework

The Storeroom is now in a position it can be used properly. All the boarding, plastering and painting has been completed. The electrics are in and there is lighting, fire detection and emergency exit signs all working. The bar team have been bringing out the various boxes, etc that have been secreted all round the building and putting them in the newly erected shelving units.

Racking filled in The Storeroom
Mixers, crisps and the likes on the new racking

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards