Renovation Diary: 4th February, 2022

While inside and out work continues as the pace hots up as The Kitchen gets nearer to completion. Plastering, tiling and bricklaying just some of the many jobs undertaken this week.

Following on from last week, Ian tackled more tiling in The Kitchen itself. The plan is to have anything that is not stainless steel, actually tiled. This is good for hygiene and keeping the place clean, but also keeps future maintenance to a minimum.

Ian showing the tiled wall to The Coldstore
Ian tiling in The Kitchen
Still having time for a laugh and a giggle

Meanwhile the Warriors have also been working in the corridor that connect The Storeroom, The Kitchen and the staris to The School House to the main bar. You have probably seen the door next to the gents toilets. This is exactly what is behnd it. There has been a substantial amount of work to get to this point.

Trevor fixing the lean-to in the corridor
Richard and Trevor scraping down the old corridor wallsto make it good for painting
Trevor painting the corridor walls
Painting the fresh plaster that is by the stairs to The School House

The last of the windows arrived and was quickly installed. The last bits of brickwork and pointing were completed to completely seal The Kitchen. This should also make The Kitchen a lot warmer as it is no longer has large gaps out to the environment.

John pointing external brickwork
Delivery of the third window
Installing the third window
And its in, the thord and last kitchen window in place

There was sooooo much going on that it was difficult to record everything. Ian was in at the weekend to plaster The Coldstore so that it was ready for painting/tiling as appropriate. All the spare fire and dry board was shifted up into one of the old bedrooms, a time consuming and tiring task. Pipework was being cut by Tony for the sinks. And a big thank you to Chris Null (a GR6 parents and Epic Thursday regular) who kindly donated this food warmer and gantry from Kings College School in Wimbledon as a welcome addition to our kitchen equipment.

Ian the Plasterer in The Coldstore
Tony cutting plastic piping
Ian stuck behind fireboard in one of the bedrooms
Chris Null and Richard Allen with the new food warmer

With help from WCH volunteer Keith Patton today, we cleared up much of Stable 5 and scraped & applied white masonry paint to half the walls. The WCH had ordered various tools and bike spare parts which can now be accessed more easily for the weekly bike kitchen.

Keith painting the internal wall of stable 5
Pile of bike wheels
A very spic and span stable 5
A very happy John and Keith in stable 5

And don't worry, The Stables are covered by our security system!

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