Renovation Diary: 28th January, 2022

It has been an extremely busy seven days for the team. They have been in last week to ensure that the Thursday deadline for commissioning of the equipment was achieved. This they did and in style. Just see the progress this week ...

After fitting the first window last week, the second one was installed this week. The exterior security covering had to be cut back and then the whole frame sorted out. Only then could the window actually be installed. That leaves one more when the window actually arrives.

Ian putting in a window frame
Taken from inside, shows Ian working outside on the window frame
Fitting the last part of the window
The completed window

Another part of this week was to start the tiling and have at least the minimum required so that the sink and others units could be tested for position. In the end the whle kitchen will either be stainless steel or tiles, but for now this was enough for the commissioning actitivies. You can see what the guys will be doing for the next week.

Ian starting on the tiling below the new windows - very clean white tiles are being used!
Three rows of tiles done so far, many more to go
Six rows of tiles done

There was quite a lot of equipment to be moved into place before McFarlane Telfer could commission it. All of it is heavy, all of it is awkward, and all of it stainless steel in appearance. So it was handle with care as it was moved through the various doors and the corridor to its's final position.

The warriors moving equipment out of the stable Piee of equipment emerging through the door into its new home
Large piee of equipment in the corridor outside The Kitchen The warriors positioning a piece of equipment within The Kitchen
Man handling equipment through The Kitchen door The hot plate being taken into the building
Due to the weight, some pieces took three in the corridor and more inside The Kitchen itself The apprentices from McFarlane Telfer have arrived

Keith our electrician finished off the various lights in The Kitchen. Those underneath the hood and the wider ones covering the whole kitchen area. To say they are very bright is an understatement! No one will have the excuse that they didn't see something because it was dark.

Keith commissioning the lights inside the cooker hood Cooker hood lights finished and ready for test
Cooker hood lights are on
The main kitchen lights were also commissioned

The equipment is to installed and commissioned by McFarlane Telfer who have been a great supporter of our Kitchen Project. We can't thank them enough for what they have done for us and what they have donated. The pizza oven, now insitu, is a fine example. They will be back in a couple of days to finish it all off. The equipment is now under wraps so it doesn't get dirty.

We have come so far in the recent weeks as it all comes together. We have a small glimpse of what is to come when the tiling is completed - the sink and other equipment were put in place temporarily to check the fit. Looks good! And under all those sheets is a kitchen trying to burst into life!

The team from McFarlane Telfer with some of the warriors Tony has positioned some of the equipment to show McFarlane Telfer where it shoudl go
Equipment under cover The Kitchen is starting to come together - although all the equipment is under covers Not long now to The Kitchen will be ready

The Store Room took big steps forward too. The back wall was finished with the various layer of board, Ian the Plasterer then came in, and when the plaster was dry it was misted and given a first coat. There is still a lot to be done in here before the racking goes in.

Fitting board to The Storeroom wall
The wall was then covered with fireboard
Painting in The Storeroom, that wall have had PVC glue applied ready for plastering
Ian the Plasterer at work on the wall - nearly there!

And finally the ceiling in The Cold Room was completed. This required a little remedial work on the timbers before being insulated and covered with fire board. The rest of the room was finished off, cleared out and is now ready for plastering and tiling.

Trevor fixing one of the beams in The Coldroom
Cieling in The Coldroom now insulated
Ian and Richard fireboarding the ceiling in The Coldroom
Cieling in The Coldroom ready for plastering
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards