Renovation Diary: 21st January, 2022

The cold weather has not deterred the Warriors this week as they continue towards bringing The Kitchen into service. All moisture boarding is now complete on the walls in readiness for plastering, tiling and painting (as appropriate). This includes not only The Kitchen but The Cold Room and The Store Room.

Equipment covered to protect it from dust
Lots and lots of electric wall sockets
The Cold Room ready for plastering
Other end of The Cold Room

So the ugly duckling is starting to grow grey with natural light now available for the first time in many, many months. On Friday 21st, the team cut away one of the areas and installed on of the windows. One down with two to go. Fingers crossed that the third new window arrives very shortly.

One of the windows ready for installation
Window frame ready for the window, view from the outside
View from the inside, gap rady for the new window
The new window is in, only two more to go

The second fix electrics for power sockets and lighting is well underway. Keith our sparky has been beavering away installing new heavy duty power sockets required for The Kitchen equipment. As many will know, we are going totally electric in The Kitchen, no gas at all.

The Kitchen ceiling with new lighting ready to be installed
Keith The Sparky working in The Kitchen
One of the main power outlets ready for completion

Next week is going to be a biggy as McFarlane Telfer are coming in to commission the kitchen equipment. This means the team must have windows, electics, walls, etc ready for them coming on Wednesday. To that end, the guys are working over the weekend.

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards