Renovation Diary: 14th January, 2022

There was also an enthusiastic team of volunteers assisting with the clean up of the equipment prior to it's arrival into The Kitchen. Whilst not quite ready, excitement is mounting as the ugly duckling kitchen is soon to be more in keeping with the beautiful Swan that so many have been involved in creating.

Bes and Dawn cleaning The Kitchen equipment Taking four people to move one piece of kitchen equipment
John cleaning the sink ready for reinstallation in The Kitchen Pizza ove and other kitchen equipment now in The Kitchen - hurrah!
The Warriors moving equipment into place in The Kitchen The equipment has been installed under the new cooker hood, the stainless steel backing still covered

How many Warriors does it take to pull a steel wired armoured cable through a pipe under the full width of The Courtyard? Fortunately there were enough willing volunteers on hand to safely achieve a task that upgrades the level of electricity supply to power all the equipment in The Kitchen.

Cutting out the window frame from the boards
The Warriors pulling the electrical cable - can se three here but there are more
A happy Warrior team in The Kitchen
Tony with his back to us - what is he doing?

Though it may look like the warriors and Keith the Sparky are sitting down on the job, it's only to get into difficult bits in the various backrooms to put power in, etc. You wouldn't beleive that one of these was in the 'Room of Doom' and was allegedly the mouth to the secret tunnel???!

Keith the sparky putting in additional cabling into the office for The Kitchen till system
Tony drilling from The Kitchen through to The Cold Store
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards