Renovation Diary: 7th January, 2022

Further significant progress in The Kitchen this week as the Warriors finish the walls with moisture board ready for tiling. The equipment donated by McFarlane Telfer will be cleaned and brought into the space early next week. Our electrician, Keith, will be back for the second fix.

Ian fitting board in The Kitchen Thomas using power tools in The Kitchen
The Kitchen fully fitted with moisture board

You can tell the moisture board, it is the green faced one. This is often mounted on top of the fire board, the pink one. That in trun is on top of the insulation which is on top of the damp proofing which ... you get the idea. The Warriors have had a lot of work to get to this point.

As this work progress, the discussions now are about hiring a chef, potential menus, and the likes. Crockery and cutlery have been bought already, along with some kitchen utensils. Exciting times are getting closer.

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