Renovation Diary: 3rd December, 2021

The Weekday Warriors were joined for part of this week by Freddie from GR6 and, all be it briefly, by Lexie. Freddie helped the team to install the final elements of insulation on The Kitchen wall whilst Lexie insisted on showing us how to measure angles!

Student from The Green Room working with one of the Warriors Lexie measuring angles in The Storeroom
Insulation making it more like a moonbase rather than a kitchen Planning ... or is it plotting?
Team at work Wall ready for boarding

With insulation now installed, and boarding of the walls nearly complete the plan is to lay the new floor in the coming week. Fingers crossed!

Thomas and John on a charge
Always smiling, wee Tony in The Kitchen
Boarding over the walls to support the kitchen equipment when fitted

Due to the flooring going down on Monday, the team were back in on Saturday to finish the plaster boarding.

The team having a refreshing cuppa
Fire boarding going on top of the wooden boards to finish the walls
Cold room ready for the flooring
The Kicthen just about ready for flooring
The Store Room ready for flooring

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards