Renovation Diary: 26th November, 2021

The Weekday Warriors were joined by staff from McFarlane Telfer (MCFT) this week. We are indebted to MCFT who have supplied the vast majority of the kitchen equipment for The Swan. They visited on Wed to finalise the end of the kitchen renovation and install. The end is in sight!

John putting in more battens Tony and Ian putting up boarding
Whistle while you work ... There was a team working during the week
Reviewing progress in The Kitchen Fastening boards to the wall
With the team from McFarlane Telfer Thomas checking John's work

The team also continued their battening and boarding work (when The School wasn't in, this makes the amount of time small that they can actually work).

The Kitchen wall that faces outwards into next door The Kitchen wall that faces into The Courtyard
Significant work still required in The Kitchen In The Storeroom
Internal walls going up Internal wall between THe Kitchen and the hallway
Temporary sinks to let the team have running water A window will go in here, you can see the outline

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards