Renovation Diary: 5th November, 2021

Q: How many volunteers does it take to straighten a kitchen wall? A: Lots! Much of this week has been spent ensuring that the battens in The Kitchen provide a flat and level surface ready for fitting the final finish prior to installation of the equipment. Not an easy task as the fabric of the building continues to remind us of its age. A slow and time consuming task but essential if the finished facility is to be fit for purpose.

The lads putting battens in ensuring they are vertical A lot of battens had to be put in
The Store Room under the stairs now finished and ready for insulation The Kitchen all battoned up
You can see how much out of true the wall is, shims having to be used to keep the batton vertical A lot of time consuming work was done as evidenced here with lots and lots of battens

This was all required before the outer facing walls were to be insulated during the following week.

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards