Renovation Diary: 29th October, 2021

Flushed with success the team made maximum use of another maintenance Monday to catch up on a number of much needed renovations. Micky spent much of the day in the cellar cleaning and painting the wall and roof. Having repainted the wall in the gents Trevor says, please boys, keep the aim straight and true!

Repainting in the cellar Two new oak barrels in The Bar for standing around
The repainted gents toilet
One of the barrels with a nice neew candle

In The Kitchen the battens have been fitted to the rear wall ready for the required insulation prior to fitting the boards onto which the kitchen equipment will be fitted!

The Kitchen full of raw materials
Battening has started
Battening completed in The Kitchen
Trevor and Thomas fixing battens

We welcomed the safe return of the refurbished Courtyard gates which now offer greater security for both the Swan and GR6 pupils. Thanks to Aiden and John for adding the finishing touches.

The gates have been returned and mounted
The new security mesh required painting - John at work
Painting the gates - Aiden at work
The finished gates all nice and black and shiny and secure

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