Renovation Diary: 12th November, 2021

Our Weekday Warriors have been feeling the heat this week as they install insulation on the external walls of The Kitchen area. Although it now looks more like an oven ready turkey this installation is a major step forward and has only been possible after extensive time and effort to ensure that there are straight and level walls to work with.

The Weekday Warriors at work
Lower half of The Kitchen back wall has been insulated.
The insulation takes a lot of time, especially at the corners.
First section complete, next the top half and then The Storeroom.

Foil up and battens fixed in kitchen & store room.

Insulation floor to ceiling, battens now being added for the fireboards, etc. The Kitchen wall fully insulated, the Warriors now working on the battens
Tony and Ian working together underneath the stairs to The School Room The Storeroom fully insulated and battoned
Tony putting in the additional battens required. How many battens are required? Answer - a lot!

A view of all the insulation that has been going in. This is to meet the recommendations of the local planning team that we are working with.

Looks like tin foil but much thicker
TIn The Storeroom
You can see the electric cables hanging down outside of the insultation

And have you seen the new heater buttons underneath the covering in The Courtyard?

By Zeus' beard, it's cold ... press here for heat
I don't know but I've been told don't have to sit there feeling cold.
Voice activated heater system. say 'Heater On' 3 times for warmth.
Not really! Would be good though, eh! Press this button.

Gate posts repaired and under coated with brick wall strengthened with pointing.

Repaired gate post and repointed wall

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards