Renovation Diary: 22nd October, 2021

Making the most of Maintenance Monday the team installed a new, longer, counter top at the rear of the bar and in the process undertook a thorough clean up of the area behind the fridges.

Ian cleaning the floor where the fridges have been
Thomas and Tony working on the two ends of the counter top.
Needs some new supports put in.
Putting the new top on for the first time
All done with new counter top, all the bottles and fridges back, and a wee cup of coffee too

Meanwhile work to bring the cellar hatch up to scratch continued to near completion. A new hatch cover is next on the agenda.

Cellar drop from above
Cellar driop from within the cellar itself
Micky hard at work

Thomas who created these new, fortunately temporary, gates. The old ones will be back soon with improved security features to benefit both the pub and the school.

Repaired gate post and repointed wall

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards