Renovation Diary: 15th October, 2021

The team got their wish and got some dry days to address the concreting around the cellar hatch. Also with the school now out for half term, the guys can make as much noise as they want as they were not allowed to interrupt the lessons.

Thomas pouring concrete
Trevor miing concrete in the elextric mixer
Making sure that the concrete is tapped down to get rid of any air
Trevor filling the wheel barrow with sand
Thomas shovelling cement into the hole
Can see the template that was amde last week
Warrior humour - hand of a skelton sticking out of the concrete with thumb up
Smoothing the surface of the concrete off

The lads were also up on the flat roof of the gents toilet. This has been a source of leaks for many years and the guys hads to strip back and re-instate a lot of the roofing/sealing materials.

Roof of the gents toilet with improvements
Trevor and Thomas working together to repair the roof
Dont jump lads, fixing the getns toilet roof

On Monday, the bar didn't open until 5pm to allow volunteers to go in and spruce the place up a bit. The Courtyard was swept down and plants given their autumnal cut back. The back wall of The Coach House was repainted and the doors tocuhed up. Both gents and ladies toilets were prepped for further work and some painting accomplished in The bar itself. More next Monday!

Barry prepping a wall in The Bar Aidan touching up The Coach House doors
Rachel painting the cellar door The finished Coach House
Liz and Ken painting in The Coach House Micky applying his management skills

Got time on Monday 22nd? Why not pop down and get stuck into a variety of tasks that we have to keep the momentum going and spruce the place up ready for the festive period.

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