Renovation Diary: 1st October, 2021

Progress has continued as the ceiling in The Kitchen is now fully plastered. Prep work for the next phase has started with young Trevor down on his knees vacuuming.

The Kitchen will soon need windows at this rate
Cleaning up in The Kitchen preparing for the next phase.
New plastered kitchen ceiling is still drying out.

The Warriors have now turned their attention outside where there is an urgent need to provide a fully functioning cellar hatch. After a lot of measuring, and digging in a confined space a template has been built.

Preapring the drop down into the cellar.
Lots of careful digging due to pipes and brickwork.
More debris to be removed from site.
Preparing the guttering to go round the cellar door.

The template has been installed ready for concrete that is due to be poured in on Monday.

How many men does it take ... ? The old cliche!
The wooden frame to be used for concreting round the cellar door.
It's almost in so time for a management discussion
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