Renovation Diary: 24th September, 2021

The Warriors have been prepapring The Kitchen walls for plasterboarding. As this have a lot of equipment attached to it, this has to be prepared very carefully with fixing points and supports all in the right place.

Warriors working in The Kitchen
Warriors working in The Kitchen

Aided by Ian the Plasterer, the Warriors have seen further significant progress this week. The Store Room ceiling has now been plastered and very shortly The Kitchen ceiling should have reached a similar milestone.

Ian the Plaster getting ready
Ian the Plasterer getting stuck in
Store room ceiling fireboarded ready for plastering
Finished Store Room ceiling

This week has seen the opening of the GR6 office, which you may have seen being installed in Stable One. This new space gives the GR6 team a breakout room for small sessions and meetings, as well as a therapeutic space. We're really pleased with the work that has been done and want to thank everyone in The Swan community for their patience whilst this vital work has been carried out.

Outside of stable 1
Inside stable 1

In parallel, Keith (Electrician) and the Warriors have been doing further work on the electrics for the stables - with the added advantage of improving the power supply to the outside heaters - winter is coming! Sorry, no photos of this.

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards