Renovation Diary: 17th September, 2021

The Warriors have continued with the behind-the-scenes work in The Kitchen and The Storeroom Even thou' the school is now back, they are charging ahead getting ready for the 2nd fix of the electrics and the installation of the kitchen equipment.

Stairwell with final decorative boarding being put in place
Stairwell looking good

Following a report produced by a professional fire risk assessment company, the team could carry on with the plan: more fire boarding and preparing for battening the walls in The Kitchen. We will be adding some photos to the website shortly.

Putting in battons in the corridor ceiling
Preparing batons for The Kitchen
Ian clowning about with 1st fix wires on his head

For aficionados, this is the new staircase up to The School House with what was purported to be the tunnel to the church at its base. The staircase has had its 2nd fix cover this week, sounds simple but needs a lot of work and time.

Stairwell below ready for insulation and boarding
Insulaton is in
Boarding going on
Underneath the stairs now finished
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards