Renovations Diary: 21st May, 2021

The long hours spent stripping wire by the dedicated team of 'strippers' has paid off. With the price of copper currently very high Lexie made a profitable trip to the scrap yard this week. All the copper, and lead, that has been painstakingly extracted from all parts of the building by a host of willing volunteers has raised a fantastic total of £2,332:40! A massive thank you to all those involved.

The School van loaded up with all the scrap metal
The van was full of lead piping and copper wire

When the team weren't clearing out the scrap metal, they were finishing off in The School Room. If you remember from previous weeks, they had rejigged the framework around the chimney breast and new ventilator, and now put on the fireboard and are re-instating the wooden panelling. Painting was undertaken too. It's newarly done!

John re-instating the wood panelling Almost finisghed - floor back, ceiling re-instated, and the wood panelling re-instated
Ian re-instating the ceiling Only the ventilator to be panelled now
Only the new plasterboard needs wood panelling now The chimney breast back as it was

After clearing out the scrap metal, the team could have a look at some of the rafters in the ceiling. Unfortunately the bad news is that it looks like some of the timbers are rotten and will need replaced when we start phase 3 of the renovation. This has probably been due to a leak from the bathroom above.

Bedroom that has been affected
Props have been put in to ensure the floor above is safe
Close up showing rotten beams
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards