Renovations Diary: 28th May, 2021

Amongst other tasks this week the Weekday Warriors have been climbing to new heights installing the replacement stairs up to The School House. The original stairs were unfit for purpose so had to be removed. Whilst this remains a work in progress its good to see a step in the right direction!

The inner string fitted to the wall.
The lowest section put in pace to test fit.
Upper most part of stairs placed in to test fit
Top of the stairs leading up to The School House door

The next big step for the kitchen needs YOUR help. With much to do there is a need for some more 'Warriors'. As well as helping the plumbers and electricians there is a lot of manual labour required to move and install the boards for the walls and ceiling in the kitchen area. Please get in touch with Ian Birch (07889 816098) if you can volunteer some of your time this week. He is particularly keen to hear from competent DIYers as well as others who are happy to act as labourers.

Wood piled up ready for installation.
Fireboard stacked up ready to be installed.
The Kitchen walls and ceiling to be worked upon next week.
Sacks of raw materials ready to be used next week.

There has been plenty of other work ongoing in preparation for the first fix plumbing and electrics which are scheduled for next week while the Green Room pupils, and staff, are enjoying a half-term break.

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards