Renovations Diary: 14th May, 2021

Another busy week for the Weekday Warriors as well as Shane & Dale. The Warriors have carried on inside The School Room, reinstating the flooring, restoring wall panelling and framing in a faux chimney breast to restore the fireplace. They then worked around the extract riser up to the roof where Shane and Dale were finishing the slating-in and weather proofing up top. If that wasn't enough they moved to cover a hole in a corner of The School Room roof where it had previously been necessary to remove the top part of a fragile chimney. Before the weather turned Shane and Dale were back on The Stables roof dealing with problems along the back section.

Shane and Dale attaching the new top to the extraction unit
Can't be seens as it is at the back of the buildings where the trees are
Stands proud so that it can be properly ventilated
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards