Renovations Diary: 7th May, 2021

Up in the God's the professional team have been putting the top on to the new extraction system. It is good to have them back as they did work in The Coach House last year. They will be finishing off the roof and then get stuck into The Kitchen.

Shane and Dale attaching the new top to the extraction unit
Can't be seens as it is at the back of the buildings where the trees are
Stands proud so that it can be properly ventilated
And it is finished - does that mean the scaffolding at the back can come down?

Meanwhile in the middle the Weekday Warriors have continued finishing off The Kicthen ceiling and up in The School Room. This has to be ready for Monday when the students will be back in class.

Trevow working away, ignoring the photgrapher
A smiling Trevor, nearly completed the job
And he is back getting stuck in, not rest here as on a deadline
The finished article, all the beams, etc back in place

The Warriors have been joined by Shane and Dale who have also done a great job bricking-up the kitchen wall facing The Courtyard. Next the new window can go in. Things are starting to come together.

Bricking up the kitchen ourter wall where a temporary door was inserted
Photo to come
Photo to come
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